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Personnel Locating Systems

There are three main components to the GAO Personnel Locating system that all work together to provide you with the best possible system for keeping track of your employees. These components are the GAO personnel tracking software, the GAO RFID wearable tags and of course GAO RFID readers. Personnel locating systems are fully customizable to […]

All About RFID Event Management Systems

If you are in the business of events, no matter the size, or simply want your next affair to really stand out for the rest, why not implement a user friendly, integrated event management solution? These simple systems provides excellent access control, advanced marketing capabilities and enhanced business intelligence. Just three components are necessary to […]

All About RFID Access Control Systems

Access control systems offer a modern solution to the problem of restricted or controlled access to buildings, parking lots and many other applications. They give authorized users access by way of a badge or tag to specific areas of a company or specialized machinery/equipment. To create your own Access Control System you will need three […]

All About RFID Asset Tracking Systems

Asset tracking systems allow you to know where all of your assets are at any given time. They allow you to improve how they are used, they help to reduce capital and operating costs, they create a tangible return on investments and they help to increase your operational efficiency. In addition, asset tracking systems by […]

433.92MHz Dry Contact RFID Tag

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc is offering this dry contact tag with two twisted wires enabling the connection to a dry contact device. The RFID tag, produced by RF Code, features low power consumption, easy operation and wire-free monitoring. It uses superior anti-collision technology for high tag densities. This compact RFID tag can be […]