RFID at the Indoor/Outdoor Rental Venue

If you are in the entertainment business you know that the biggest thing to strive for is visitor experience. If they have a great one, they will come again, but if they have a bad one…well, we all know what happens then. The point is, entertainment is big business and people choose to spend their […]

RFID in Property Management

If you deal in property management, whether it is an apartment building, a hotel, a venue or real estate property, you know how much paperwork there is to do, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Who is allowed where on the property, tracking keys to specific suites, tracking documents and tracking when things […]

RFID and Patient Transfer

Hospitals are busy places with lots of people going in and out all day long. You have staff, you have patients, you have family members and you have people who are in and out delivering supplies or transferring patients. With all the hustle and bustle it makes it extremely hard to keep tabs on everyone […]

RFID for Fisheries

RFID uses tags and readers along with software. The tags are put onto an asset or, for example a sheep or a crate of apples, and then a reader can read said tag and know where that sheep is at all times and where that crate of apples is heading. All is well, all can […]

Latest Press Release from GAO RFID

Read the latest press release from GAO RFID: GAO RFID Launches a New Family of On-Metal RFID Tags  – Click Here