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RFID Uses in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food and beverage manufacturing covers many sectors from meat processing to dairy product manufacturing and from wineries to pet food manufacturing. Each sector has to adhere to strict guidelines that require them to operate safely while operating under full traceability. Luckily, GAO RFID offers a wide range of products, software and hardware to help tackle […]

RFID Uses in Government & Military

Governmental agencies and the military include such things as Border and Immigration security and the military supply chain in addition to state or local agencies such as fire services, correctional facilities and identification and licensing services. Each agency is focussed on providing high quality service to the people it serves while at the same time […]

RFID Uses in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has to adhere to government regulations while still caring for individual patients and giving the best care possible. While healthcare is big business it also has a personal aspect to it, making it a challenging prospect, especially when everyone is looking to lower costs while improving operational efficiency. At GAO we realize […]

RFID Uses in the Finance Industry

The industries that fall under the finance category have to operate under strict guidelines and federal regulations at all times. Managers demand operational efficiency and corporate accountability is a must, as is compliance. If you work in commercial banking, securities or a credit union, you know the man-hours spent with compliance issues; by using a […]

RFID Uses in the Entertainment Industry

Sports stadiums, indoor and outdoor rental venues, concert halls, opera houses and movie theatres are all places where people go to be entertained, and the managers of these venues are the ones in charge of increasing the visitor experience while keeping operational costs in check and keeping much needed assets right where they are supposed […]