RFID Uses for the Mining Industry

Mining is an industry that isn’t usually located near large cities, instead it is an isolating profession that takes place out in the big open spaces of our country. Keeping tabs on operations is something that takes a lot of time and travel for managers who are not at the site, or a lot of […]

RFID Uses for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing products has its own unique set of issues that have to be addressed on a daily basis in order for the production process to be viable. Companies are forever trying to keep costs down while delivering their products faster while not compromising the quality aspect. For the manufacture of things like textiles, clothing, pharmaceuticals […]

RFID for the Information, Electronics & Telecommunication Industries

If you are working in the fields of information, electronics or telecommunications you know how important security is. GAO RFID solutions are there to help in such things as security issues as well as managing equipment and inventory, tracking personnel and controlling access. Data, technology driven organizations, computer systems analysts, software publishers, call centers, telecommunications […]

RFID in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry strives for one thing and that is customer service. If the customer is happy they will come back and this goes not only for restaurants and hotels, but resorts, theme parks, tour operators and casinos as well. Customer service is at the heart of hospitality and that encompasses such things as guest […]

RFID Uses in Government & Military

Governmental agencies and the military include such things as Border and Immigration security and the military supply chain in addition to state or local agencies such as fire services, correctional facilities and identification and licensing services. Each agency is focussed on providing high quality service to the people it serves while at the same time […]