Marina RFID Solutions

RFID and Marine Storage and Security

You can now locate and protect and secure all types of watercraft and marina assets using GAO RFID solutions with LocateWare™. LocateWare™, RFID Location technology, eliminates the need for expense surveillance and monitoring equipment, onsite marine police and other storage and security services. Protect and locate assets on the ground as well as on the water.

GAO RFID uses state of the art RFID tags and RFID readers that allow marina operators to identify any assets on the premises.

RFID Solutions for Marinas

A complete real-time inventory of these assets is available at all times. This capability can be used to monitor and manage the location of ships, boats or other assets while in storage on land or while docked during the boating season. Any significant movement of the asset can be reported and trigger a real time alert to a monitoring station which can be on or off the premises. Know when an asset is being moved without permission immediately; anytime – day or night.

RFID and Marine Storage and Security

During the chaos of opening and closing seasons you will have the ability to quickly identify and locate any tagged asset. That means no more time wasted trying to find a missing asset. The larger your operation the more time and money you will save, and your customers will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their valuable asset is accounted for at all times.

The LocateWare™ software produces data that can also be used to bill for services by the year, by the month, by the week or by the season. Your customers can even be billed for just the time they use the facility.

At GAO RFID we believe our customers should do what they do best and partner for the rest.

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