13.56 MHz Micro Mini Asset Tracking Tag

Product ID: 113524


This RFID Tag provides Real Application System like security solution for banking, entrance ticket encryption, money bag, confidential documents, authorization service, Vehicle Parking, electronic toll collection. As well as it is useful for tracking domestic bird/ animal management. It also provides customized services like chip pre-programming, Data Write, Adhesiveness, Durability, Memory format, TID/UID Encoding, EPC Encoding, User Encoding, Password Protect, kill itself such as tamper evidence, authenticity protection, personalization, encoding, access passwords.

 Key Features

  • 13.56 MHz High Frequency
  • Customized Options
  • Safe and Secure


  • Transportation
  • Access Control

Technical Specifications

Material Coated Paper, Fragile Paper, Waterproof PET
Size 0.15″ x 105″ (4mm x 4mm)
Protocol Alien H3
Frequency 14443A
Operating Temperature -13°F to 167°F (-25ºC~75ºC)
 Storage Temperature  35°F – 75°F (0ºC~25ºC)