RFID Systems for Rail Transportation

Rail transportation is one of the fastest land travel methods presently in Canada and the U.S. There are ample of goods that are shipped via rail freight transportation in a fast and effective manner. Billions of dollars are spent to send both goods and oil via rail transportation each year in North America and Europe. These shipments are valuable and time sensitive, thereby needing to be secured and safely transported to their destination. In the process, rail transportation organizations face numerous challenges. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining cargo cars
  • Checking and tracking shipments from sender to receiver
  • Managing multiple shipments to the same destination
  • Tracking cargo cars from arrival to departure
  • Tracking and monitoring rail employees

GAO RFID Systems help rail transportation companies organize and use their time more efficiently, by helping them transport and manage all equipment and shipments with ease.

GAO RFID Solutions for Rail Transportation

In order for rail transportation companies to operate at their optimal level, it is vital that their facilities, logistics and shipments are managed with efficiency. GAO RFID Systems for the Rail Transportation industry can be used for asset management, safety management, and tracking and checking inventory of shipments.

Tracking and Checking Railway Cargo

The security of high value goods is a vital part of the rail transportation company’s agenda. To maintain the standards of your organization RFID solutions can help with the tracking and checking of railways to ensure quality every step of the way. From the shipment being picked up at the sender’s warehouse or home to the time it reaches the receiver, RFID Tags can be used to track the shipment from one check point to another to ensure timely delivery.

RFID Tags also assure both parties and your organization that absolutely no package or shipment can go missing without electronic identification. Tamper-proof RFID Tags can also be used to deter theft and vandalism. By tagging all cargo, you can remotely monitor the location and status of the items and be alerted if any irregularities occur.

Managing and Maintaining Railway Cargo Cars

If and when there is significant damage to the cargo car, it is extremely important that the persons in charge of operating the railway engine are aware. In this manner, accidents and en route oil spills are avoided. In order to be able to ensure that the cargo car is at its optimal capacity it is necessary that routine maintenance checks are performed. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System can aid in managing logs whereby routine and prompt maintenance checks are scheduled. In addition, RFID systems can help to automate the notification of a leak or a break down in a cargo car so that railway operators are able to promptly and safely call for help when necessary.

Tracking Personnel Location and Productivity

Every employee at your facility can be assigned RFID Badges. These badges contain each employee’s unique information, and as they pass through access doors, clock in or out, and access machinery, access can be granted based on their employee level and every action is tracked and logged. In cases where personnel are working in more remote areas, these RFID Badges allow you to quickly locate them in cases of emergency.

Integrating GAO RFID Systems with your existing Railway Transportation Software

The function of a RFID or radio frequency identification system is to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data. The challenge arises when it’s time to put that collected information to work. Integrating RFID-generated data into pre-existing systems used by your organization guarantees that there is no break in communication and daily workings.

GAO RFID solutions are easily compatible with competency assessment software, payroll systems, and decision support management tools that are used to help make daily processes more efficient. The GAO AUTO-ID Engine incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions, and alongside our hardware and system integration expertise, we make it easy to integrate with all systems that are currently used by your organization.

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