RFID Systems for Sports Stadiums

GAO RFID knows the excitement that local sporting events bring to communities. Undeniably there is a buzz in cities where professional teams are headquartered. Whether they are playing baseball, football or hockey — citizens love to rally behind their favourite players all season long. Sports stadiums provide a good source of revenue, and make great gathering places for events of all kinds. But our company is fully aware of the logistical challenges many of these venues face. That’s why we have developed a series of RFID solutions to help stadium owners meet their business needs.

Using GAO RFID Systems in the Sports Stadium Industry

From event management to employee monitoring, running a sports stadium is certainly a complex task. GAO RFID is the industry leader in solving problems associated with managing entertainment venues. Here are just some of the areas where our expertise lie:

Access control so you determine who gets in and who stays out

  • Personnel monitoring solutions to track productivity and isolate workflow anomalies
  • Asset tracking so you can keep tabs on your organization’s valuables

Our clients have come to us with questions on how RFID technology can help improve their business operations. Read on for a list of commonly discussed issues. From here, we can open up a dialogue about your organization’s unique concerns.

Our stadium has private areas where professional athletes can rest and warm up. How do we keep visitors out of these high-profile zones?

GAO RFID’s Access Control System is designed to keep customers out of sensitive areas. Given the celebrity culture surrounding professional athletes, it can be difficult to keep curious patrons out of these restricted zones. That’s why our company has designed a sophisticated badging system using our powerful RFID Tags and Readers. All of our components are fully customizable to work with your current security framework. Our Access Control System allows you to grant access to approved users who swipe their authorized badges at strategic checkpoints. This also eliminates the need for a human employee to monitor the entrance to restricted zones.

Apart from the traditional baseball and football games, we also host a number of big ticket events. How can we use RFID technology to better manage these initiatives?

Our  RFID Event Management System is the superior choice. Our technology has been tested on some of the world’s biggest events. This has allowed us to perfect our software over time. Use this system to establish attendee registration, so you know what the demographics are ahead of time. Once your event gets underway, use our RFID Tag and Reader configurations to keep track of everything from guests to equipment as they move within the stadium. With tracking data at your fingertips, you will have the information you need to make the right decisions both during the event, and for post-event strategies.

We would like to move to an automated ticketing system and eliminate all paper waste. Can GAO RFID help in this endeavour?

Absolutely. RFID technology can be easily implemented to the ticketing process. We do this by integrating RFID into wristbands, which are then strapped onto paying visitors. These visitors then hold up their wristbands to a powerful GAO RFID Reader, granting access into the stadium. All data is logged into a centralized software system, letting you know how many people have arrived at your event. If you’ve collected other visitor information, such as age and gender, this data can then be used for marketing efforts going forward.

Our stadium parking lot is not very secure. What’s the best way to manage this section of our facility?

A well-run parking lot is indeed an asset for any sports facility. A lot that is easily accessible, yet secure, is appreciated by visitors and also makes for a good source of revenue. Our RFID Parking Control System manages your gate operations safely and efficiently. Use our technology to streamline the entrance of all vehicles and automate parking payments. The best aspect of this System is that it can be seamlessly integrated into your property’s existing security framework.

Implementing GAO RFID Technology into Your Sports Stadium Operations

Merging our Systems with your operations is as easy as getting in touch. Simply contact us for a personalized assessment of your business needs — and we’ll take care of the rest. See for yourself why GAO RFID is the superior choice when it comes to the management and maintenance of your stadium facility.