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Access control systems offer a modern solution to the problem of restricted or controlled access to buildings, parking lots and many other applications. They give authorized users access by way of a badge or tag to specific areas of a company or specialized machinery/equipment. To create your own Access Control System you will need three things: GAO access control software, GAO badges/tags and GAO RFID readers. These three items work together to create positive access control wherever you need it, and are highly customizable to fit the specific requirements of your application. The first step is to give each authorized person a badge or a tag that has been embedded with the necessary information. Second, install readers at various points within the environment and on/near specific machines or equipment that will allow only those in possession of the proper badge or tag to gain access to the area or machinery. Once your system is up and running, each assigned tag will transmit data back to the GAO access control software, which is easy to use and totally customized to your needs. You can then retrieve data directly from your personal computer, remotely on a web browser and even on a mobile device. GAO access control systems easily allow you to restrict access to various parts of your company, allows automated access only to authorized users and ensures only qualified employees operate predetermined machinery or equipment. It also allows access to facilities for paid users, in places like parking lots or gyms where the person has paid up front and then has the freedom to use the service at any time they see fit, providing they have the proper coded badge or tag. This allows for less man hours spent collecting money at each point of entry each time a customer wants to use your space. Access control systems also allow you to track and log access data, allowing you to further improve services as you see fit. At GAO we are proud of the inventory and vast selection of access control systems that we offer. With many different products to suit all tastes and budgets, there is an access control system just waiting to get to work in your company. Learn More about GAO’s RFID Access Control Solutions – Click Here]]>


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