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Asset tracking systems allow you to know where all of your assets are at any given time. They allow you to improve how they are used, they help to reduce capital and operating costs, they create a tangible return on investments and they help to increase your operational efficiency. In addition, asset tracking systems by GAO are fully integrated location solutions that can be customized for any business, allowing you to keep track and monitor your assets in real time, day or night. There are three components that make up the GAO asset tracking system. They are the asset tracking software, radio frequency identification tags and RFID readers. These three items work in concert to track assets both globally and locally, even right in your own warehouse. The first step is choosing the right tags for your products and then attaching them manually to them, either by the crate, box or individually. Next, readers are installed in strategic locations throughout your company’s footprint allowing the tags’ signals to be broadcast and read by the reader. Now you have data you can use. The third step in the process is importing the tag reads into the GAO asset tracking software. This is an intuitive interface used to track and locate specific assets right from your laptop, remotely through a web browser or even on the go with a mobile device. Now all of your assets, no matter the size can easily be tracked, whether you need to know where in the plant they are at any given time or where in the world the finished product may be. Fully customized to your specific needs, the GAO asset tracking system makes even the largest businesses run more smoothly. Imagine what it can do for yours. Learn More about GAO’s RFID Asset Tracking Solutions – Click Here ]]>


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