Jan 20 to Feb 19, 2021

2021 Global ICT & Emerging Technologies Virtual Summit &
2021 Global IoT, RFID, Cloud & Drone Virtual Summit

Jointly Hosted by GAO Tek Inc. & GAO RFID Inc.

About This Exciting Virtual Summit

2020 Global IoT & RFID Summit is designed as a virtual event for technical professionals in the IoT & RFID industry to share and learn practical, up-to-date and leading-edge information about the industry. Everyone, whether a presenter or an attendee, shall find that this is the most rewarding online event in 2020 in the industry.


There are two forms of presentation at the summit:

One is a live presentation via a popular video conferencing platform. Time slots for presentations are chosen such that they are most convenient for participants from the US and Canada where most of the speakers and attendees are from.

Another is a poster session and the article of a presenter is published on the event page.

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Summit Topics

IoT & RFID for the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • IoT & RFID for Social Distancing
  • IoT & RFID for infection Tracking, Warning and Prevention
  • IoT & RFID for Handwashing and Preventive Measures
  • Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on IoT & RFID Technologies
  • Impact of the Pandemic on IoT & RFID Businesses
  • Impact of the Pandemic on IoT & RFID Human Resources
  • IoT Systems, Software and Services to Support Remote Work
  • IoT Systems, Software and Services to Support Remote Education

IoT & RFID Software & Systems Forum

  • Software Architecture and Middleware
  • Context-Awareness and Location-Awareness
  • Performance Evaluation and Modeling
  • Networking and Communication Protocols
  • Machine to Machine Communications
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Software Engineering for IoT and IoE
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches
  • Data Analytics
  • Technological Focus for Smart Environments
  • Architecture for Secure and Interactive IoT
  • Social Implications for IoT Intelligent
  • Systems for IoT and Services Computing
  • Transportation Management Traffic Theory, Modeling and Simulation
  • Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems for Vehicles, Green Systems and Smart City
  • Smart City Examples and Case Studies Using IoT & RFID

IoT, RFID and 5G Data Networks Forum

  • Understanding of the US “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Networks”
  • Implications of “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Networks”
  • Architecture of IoT & RFID in 5G Networks
  • Software Defined Solutions for IoT and 5G
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Harvesting in IoT and 5G
  • Cooperative and Smart Sensing Techniques
  • Channel Characteristics and Modeling with Dense and Sparsely Populated Sensors
  • Terminal Intelligence and Light Weight Sensors
  • Data Collection, Processing, Aggregation, and Communication
  • Efficient Resource Allocation Schemes, QoS, and QoE in IoT
  • Co-Existence & Device Interoperability of Sensors with 5G networks
  • Integrated D2D Communication Techniques for 5G Networks
  • Self-Organization and Self-Healing of IoT Networks
  • Data processing and anomaly detection for IoT networks
  • Cross-Layer Design and Optimization in IoT
  • Relay, Multi-Hop, and Cooperative Communication in IoT
  • Ubiquitous Communication, Routing Protocols, & Network Selection in IoT
  • Machine-Type Communications in 5G Systems
  • Sensor Deployment, Placement, Control & Management Issues
  • Experimental Results, Prototypes & Testbeds Using Sensors for 5G technologies
  • Emerging IoT & RFID Applications in 5G Networks
  • Security Issues and Solutions for IoT in 5G Networks

IOT & RFID Technologies Forum

  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle
  • Transport Safety and Mobility
  • Electronic Technologies for in-Vehicle
  • 3D Printing and Nanotechnology
  • Sensor Networks
  • Zigbee
  • Gen 2 UHF RFID
  • NFC, HF & LF Passive RFID
  • Active RFID, With or Without Sensors, With or Without Batteries,
  • Combining IoT, RFID & Cloud

IoT & RFID Security, Privacy and Trust Forum

  • Firewall, Access Control, Identity Management
  • Intrusion and Detection Techniques
  • Encryption
  • Location-Based Privacy
  • Data Security, Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery
  • Adoption Challenges and Recommendation
  • Testing
  • Experiments on Using Security Solutions and Proof-of-Concepts
  • Emerging Issues and Recommendations for Organizational Security
  • Social Engineering, Hacking Preventions and Ethical Hacking
  • Security Modeling, Business Process Modeling and Analytics
  • Case Studies

IoT & RFID for Construction & Energy Forum

This forum focuses on IoT & RFID technologies for the construction and energy industries to manage their assets, people, inventory at different, and possibly remote locations to improve security, safety and efficiencies and tackle issues caused by the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

IoT & RFID for Supply Chain & Logistics Forum

This forum focuses on IoT & RFID technologies for supply chain and logistics. Will discuss how companies in supply chain and logistics are improving pick accuracy and auditing all inbound and outbound shipments, manage reusable containers, monitor the condition of perishables, track assets and personnel and achieve operational efficiencies, and provide solutions to handle the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

IoT & RFID for Retail Forum

This forum will focus on IoT & RFID technologies designed for retail industry and share case studies of successful IoT & RFID deployments, and solutions to address special needs created by the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

IoT & RFID for Automotive Forum

This forum will discuss IoT & RFID technologies which are being deployed within the automotive industry to boost the efficiency of the assembly process by tracking and tracing products and assets, and track personnel, as well as tackling issues from the coronavirus.

IoT & RFID for Manufacturing Forum

In this forum, experts shall present on how to use IoT & RFID technologies to cut costs and boost efficiencies by tracking tools, jigs, reusable containers, work-in-process, finished inventory in manufacturing operations, and addressing issues created by the pandemic.

IoT, RFID & Drones Forum

Drones have added wings to RFID & IoT solutions, and enable them to reach much longer distances and much more powerful. Come and learn these latest developments.

Aerospace, Defense & Government Forum

Aerospace and defense companies are using RFID and IoT technologies to cut costs and streamline business processes. In this forum experts will present on such solutions as well as the U.S. Department of Defense’s and some leading aerospace companies’ requirements of fixing RFID tags to the goods shipping to them

IoT & RFID Trends and Investment Forum

This forum is designed for corporate managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, investment bankers and market researchers to understand hot trends and investment opportunities.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Forum

This forum focuses on the RFID & IoT solutions designed for the hospitals, other medical facilities, and drug manufacturers and distributors to improve patient safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, reduce medical errors using track-and-match applications and improve revenues.

IoT, RFID & Cloud Forum

When combining with the cloud technologies, RFID & IoT can be easily deployed at multiple locations, even on a global scale. Come and learn the latest and greatest offerings from the market and trends.

IoT & RFID Investment Forum

Pitches by:

  •         Entrepreneurs
  •         Founders of Startups
  •         Inspiring entrepreneurs
  •         Inventors

Market trends, market analysis by:

  •         VCs
  •         Angel investors
  •         Incubators
  •         Institutional investors
  •         Investment analysts
  •         Market researchers
  •         Industry gurus

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