Presenting – Submit a Proposal

Why Present


By presenting at the summit, you will receive exposure, recognition, contributions and complimentary benefits.


  • Receive professional exposure and/or re-enforce image as an industry leader
  • Share knowledge and contribute to an industry-leading conference
  • Present to a professional audience in a growth industry
  • Network with peers and fellow industry experts and executives
  • Position you and your company for growth
  • Connect with new customers throughout North America
  • Your presentation will be promoted and delivered in such a way to maximize your exposure



  • Establish and/or re-enforce as a subject-matter expert
  • Impart solutions to professionals in the industry
  • Receive a certificate for each presentation



  • Contribute to your profession
  • Help develop the professional workforce in this important industry
  • Mentor next generation of professionals


Complimentary Benefits

  • Receive complimentary admission to all presentations 3 months before and after your presentation, hosted at both and
  • Receive a coupon with a substantial discount for registration which can be given to friends, colleagues or customers at summits as long as such registration is done before your presentation
  • Receive the attendee list of your live presentation
  • Will be forwarded with the information of anybody reaching you after the event
  • Will be considered for your reasonable requests to promote your products and services

Presentation Proposals

Applications are being accepted for presentations at all of our summits: 2021 Global IoT, RFID, Cloud & Drone Summit, 2021 Global ICT & Emerging Technologies Summit, as well as 2021 Global summits on both and

Your complete proposal for a presentation should consist of the abstract of your presentation, bio, headshot and contact information. There are not restrictions on the format and length of your abstract and bio.

You are welcome to submit presentation proposals to all of our summits. You can give multiple presentations at such summits. There is no restriction on the number and topics of your presentations as long as such presentations are in the areas that you have expert knowledge and hands-on experiences, are well prepared and have passed the quality review of our review committees.

Each live presentation requires between 17 and 50 slides and lasts between 30 and 55 minutes. The number of slides or the duration of the presentation is not a hard and fast rule, but its quality is highly important.

If you cannot speak at a live presentation, you can present at a poster session where your article will be published on the summit website. Each poster article requires about 1,500 or more words. The length of the article is not a hard and fast rule, but its quality is highly important.

No financial transaction shall be conducted between you and the summit organizer, namely you shall not have to pay for the opportunity to present and to have a professional exposure. On the other hand, you shall not be paid for your services either.

Please submit your proposal as soon as possible before the presentation slots have been all allocated.

How to Submit Your Proposal

Please email

When emailing your proposal to speak please include:

  • Your contact information
  • A bio with your current profession
  • A description of your proposed speaking topic
  • A headshot photo

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