Long Range Integrated Reader Model 216021

If you have a need for a long range integrated reader for applications like customs clearance, automatic weighing, parking lot access, intelligent traffic management, logistics or ticketing, then this integrated reader model 216021 may just fit the bill. It is innovative, it is an all in one device and it has many features that make it both user friendly and incredibly effective.

The long range integrated reader model 216021 features a built in 12dBi antenna and both RS-232 Wiegand 26/34 and RS 485 interfaces making it easy to install and use in many settings. Its tag reading ability in radio frequency power is zero to 30dBm and is fully adjustable via software, and it also has amazing anti interference ability so you know you are getting a high performance device that will make your job of  warehouse, container or pallet management that much easier.

This long range integrated reader has tag protocols including ISO 18000-6B, EPC Class1, and EPC Class1 GEN2 and offers a read-write distance of up to 15 meters, which means that your ticketing, parking and/or access control solutions are waiting within this little device. It also means that asset tracking problems now have a handy solution, one packaged in a strong ABS housing and one that is user friendly for full effectiveness. This model also includes a I/O interface, one triggering input and two electric relay outputs and has an operating temperature of anywhere between -10C and 55C with a storage temperature of -20C to 85C.

The built in antenna makes long range reading and writing of tags a snap, so the uses are endless especially in any larger warehouses, containers and pallet reading requirements that you may have. Because it is an all in one, the integrated model 216021 eliminates the need for several bulky devices, instead streamlining your business machines into one neatly packaged device. This reader is also fully customizable, and provides a wide array of communication interfaces so you can easily connect to whichever interface you are currently using—hence its easy use of operation.

A high performance machine, neatly packaged in a square shape, this reader/writer does it all for your business, whether inside or out. Clearly see your ins and outs, all in a frequency range of 860-960 MHz. For whatever your business need, this long range integrated reader will make your life and your job that much easier.









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