Networked RFID Parking Solution

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. recommends this networked RFID parking solution which allows for the unattended operations of parking barriers. This solution is ideal for apartments and condos, gated communities, business parking lots and garages, university parking areas and recreation operations from hotels to RV camps.

For the networked RFID parking solution, the specific hardware depends on your particular application, but in general would include either RFID readers with a built in antenna or a multi-port RFID reader with external antenna. Wired or wireless IP networking is required so that the RFID reader can connect with a remote computer running GAO’s LocateWare™ RFID Parking Control Software.

The LocateWare™ software program is easy to install and configure and offers all of the features required in a typical parking control applications including 24 hour unmanned operation, real-time monitoring and day/time restrictions. Customized software is also available.

Another featured RFID solution for parking control is Standalone RFID Parking Solution. GAO’s standalone RFID solution for parking is an embedded application that requires no connection to an outside network or computer. It relies on RFID readers that have built in intelligence in that they contain a computer processor and memory allowing them to read the tags and make decisions based on the software program that runs directly on the smart reader.

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