New 2.45 GHz Active Handheld Reader/Mobile Computer

GAO RFID Newsletter – 2013-01
New 2.45 GHz Active Handheld Reader/Mobile Computer GAO RFID GAO RFID is pleased to announce the release of its new active handheld RFID Reader and Mobile Computer operating under Windows CE 6.0 operating system. GAO also offers a selection of compatible tags with varios functionality such as temperature reporting, tamper sensoring or movement detection.

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2.45 GHz Active Handheld Reader/Mobile Computer
2.45 GHz Compatible Tags

2.45 GHz Handheld RFID Reader


This 2.45 GHz handheld RFID reader combines the functions of a mobile computer and an RFID data collection terminal into one highly rugged compact device. It utilizes Windows CE 6.0 embedded operating system and has the capabilities of both barcode reading and RFID data collection and storage. This portable RFID reader features low power consumption, easy navigation menus, and multiple communication interfaces including USB 2.0, multi-serial port switching, GPRS, WiFi 802.11 b/g, 2.4 GHz wireless transmission module and Bluetooth. It is well-suited for applications such as logistics and warehouse management, supply chains, time and attendance management and field service. Optional GPS is available as well as other RFID reader modules including HF and UHF.

Compatible Tags

Active RFID Temperature Sensor Tag


Active Key Fob RFID Tag


Active RFID Card Tag


Active RFID Strip Tag


Vibration Sensing Active RFID Tag


Active RFID Wristband Tag


Active RFID Wristband Tag


Active Beaconing RFID Tag


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