RFID Enabled Parking Barrier Gate

This versatile parking barrier gate operator is a heavy-duty, high performance barrier gate designed to provide a complete RFID parking solution.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This versatile parking barrier gate operator is a heavy-duty, high performance barrier gate designed to be used in conjunction with other GAO RFID hardware and LocateWare™ RFID Parking Control Software in order to provide a complete RFID enabled parking solution. The parking barrier gate is typically utilized for medium to high traffic volumes and for wide lane management and has the capacity to be used for industrial facilities and to stand up to the harshest weather environments and operating conditions.

The parking barrier gate is useful for more than just parking lot solutions – this solution is ideal for apartments and condos, gated communities, business parking lots and garages, university parking areas and recreation operations from hotels to RV camps.

The parking barrier gate offers cost effective control of vehicle access for 10 to 20 foot lanes and is extremely dependable and reliable while providing advanced safety feature for both vehicles and pedestrians. The gate also offers a quick response time and can fully open in one to four seconds depending on upon arm length.

Key Features –

  • Housing made of folded and welded sheet steel, from 2 to 6 mm thick, protected by two coats of paint
  • Internal mechanical elements treated by ROHS-compliant electrogalvanization
  • Removable cover and locked by key
  • Arm shaft mounted on two life-lubricated ball bearings. The protrusion of the shaft, centred on the housing side, allows it to be easily reversed from one side of the housing to the other
  • The arm is on the left or on the right of the framework housing is balanced by spring
  • Lever for manual unlocking (if not automatic mode set up)
  • ASI320 control board enabling various additional commands and/or accessory options
  • Base frame to be fixed in a concrete base to be provided by the customer
  • Electro-mechanical assembly including:
    – An asynchronous three-phase geared motor
    – Movement transmission by crankshaft-rod device insuring mechanical locking of the boom arm in end positions
    – Automatic barrier unlocking device in case of power failure, opening then being possible by hand
    – Frequency converter ensuring progressive accelerations and controlled decelerations, for a vibration-free movement and enhanced protection of the mechanism (adjustable acceleration and braking ramps)
    – Limit switches activated by leaf spring
  • Parametrable information contacts:
    – State of the barrier position (open or closed)
    – State of the presence detectors
    – Command for master-slave barriers (movement of one barrier controlled by the other barrier)

Technical Specifications –

  • Electrical power supply: single phase 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption (rest/movement): 55 W/500 W (at maximum speed and without options)
  • Three-phase asynchronous 250 W motor
  • Life-lubricated worm-screw speed reduction unit
  • Aluminum tube boom arm, with round section diameter 3.25″
  • Length of boom arm (L): 10 to 20 ft. Beyond 15 ft., a standard tip support at the end of the arm is supplied
  • Operation unperturbed by winds of 75 mph
  • Minimum operation time: from 1 to 4 seconds according to the boom length and the options chosen
  • Net weight (excluding arm) 190 lbs
  • MCBF (mean cycles between failures): 2,000,000, with normal maintenance
  • IP54
  • Configuration: Side door access to the mechanism, with security lock
  • Options:
    – Key switch on housing
    – Inductive loops for cars or trucks detection
    – Photo electric sensor (automatic opening, closing after passage, safety)
    – Double limit switches for information on BL status in the event of power failure


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