RFID Line Control & Safety Management System for Sledding

GAO RFID Inc.(www.GAORFID.com ) is offering its RFID Line Control & Safety System for Sledding which is specially designed to control the progression of snow rafts at a mountain resort. It can also be well deployed in other applications that require process control.

The system uses GAO 236015 UHF Gen 2 Reader/Writer with 4 Antenna Ports, GAO 236018 UHF Gen 2 Fixed RFID Reader/Writer with 2 Antenna Ports and Class 1 Gen 2 passive tags. Together with GAO RFID Middleware, this system controls the RFID readers and the PLC devices and records the data into an SQL server database. The software interface reports on raft and slide information, tags assigned to the rafts, raft location and speed display.

For this application at a mountain resort, snow rafts begin at the top of one of a number of gated slides. The gate is open by default. When the raft moves past the RFID reader at the top gate, the reader reads the RFID tag information and sends a signal to a PLC which in turn sends a signal for the gate to close preventing other rafts from using the slide. When the raft arrives at the bottom, the tag is read by a second RFID reader which sends a signal allowing the PLC to open the gate for another raft.

The RFID line control and safety system belongs to GAO’s family ofRFID System Products . The line offers some other RFID software such asRFID Asset Tracking Software System ,RFID Car Wash Management Software System , and RFID Parking Control Software to serve your different needs.

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