RFID Uses in the Cleaning and Maintenance Industries

Using RFID in the fields of cleaning and maintenance can streamline your business, as it offers cost effective solutions and time saving devices that allow you real time data on your employees, your equipment and the work being done, right at your fingertips. If your business is waste management, pest control, carpet cleaning, janitorial or any of the many other cleaning and maintenance specialities out there today, you know that keeping track of your trucks, your employees and the jobs can be a tedious task. RFID tags on trucks and equipment lets you keep track of where everything is at any given time, lets you know who is using any piece of equipment and will let you know when something is due for servicing. With a wide array of specialty tools needed for any given job, and consumables being used every day, RFID can help you keep track of when you need to order more product, what products are used the most, and the least in your operation, and where your large tools are operational  each and every day. Who is using those tools? Which jobs are they using them on? Will they run out of product? All of these questions and more will be eliminated with RFID because you will instantly be able to get the needed information quickly and efficiently. Time management is also a crucial part of the cleaning and maintenance fields. Jobs are usually performed in clients’ homes and people expect you to arrive when you promised. RFID can effectively be used for time management as you can track which employees are where each day and automate tasks that can then be checked off as done or pending, all which helps accountability and productivity of your work force. Today, in the ever changing world of RFID, there are portable attendance reporting systems in convenient hand held devices that make it even easier to report back to the office, allowing you real time contact with the work force at every point throughout the work day. GAO RFID is here to help with any questions you may have on how to integrate RFID technology into your business model. Simply contact us to learn more.    ]]>


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