RFID Uses in the Fisheries Industry

RFID has been used in fisheries for some time allowing companies to keep track of their employees, utilize their production time and allow for access control to only those authorized. It is also widely used for fisheries to keep tabs on their equipment and inventory, but what about the fish themselves? Of course it would be impossible to tag each and every fish in the ocean, but the technology is changing and today it is possible to catch and then tag a box of fish, giving people waiting at the harbour to buy the fresh fish the opportunity to do so before the boat even arrives back to shore. The fish are caught and put into a box that can collect data on the fishing grounds, the quality of the fish, the size of the fish and the point of sale of the fish. The fish in the box are also typed, weighed and the quality noted, letting the buyers in on what is on board and what they wish to buy all while still at sea. These fishing boxes are reusable and customizable and give can collect crucial information on fishing areas as well as information on the fish themselves. RFID data can also be used to ensure adhesion to fishing rules and laws that are in place and sometimes hotly contested between countries. This can also lead to less policing of vessels, and lower costs to boat operators. To find out more about the way RFID can revolutionize the fishing industry, contact us.]]>


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