Insertable RFID Chips A company in the United States is developing an implantable RFID chip for use in office environments. This chip can be inserted inside the skin of the employees who are willing to get it implanted in their bodies. This chip will be useful for work related activities such as logging in to computers, accessing labs, opening doors to other work rooms, using the copy machine, or even when employees are buying lunch/food at the office cafeteria. This will help in increasing safety and security of office environments as well as provide authorized employees the ease of access to a particularly sensitive area they wish to enter. RFID In Home Automation Internet of Things (IoT) is a network which connects billions of people with several devices and RFID is considered to be an important building block for IoT. One of the stunning idea that has emerged from the combination these two technologies is the interconnected, automated home, where people can interact with everyday devices in their homes. This unique concept envisions homes where refrigerators know when to order and restock groceries; electronics such as lighting, music and TV automatically tune to preset individual preferences; access solutions for Wi-Fi user authorization or for security alarm, or hands-free operation of doors and windows. This technology will enable people to control and secure their houses very easily and conveniently. RFID & Drones Drones have gathered a lot of attention in recent years. Although initially built for recreational purposes, drones were later adopted for military use but new innovations and big investment are bringing more advanced drones which can be used in multiple applications. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new technology by pairing RFID technology with drones for inventory management. This technology allows drones to locate and pin point missing and hidden objects. Herein, drones transmit wireless signals and when they fly, they analyze the RFID responses and use them to locate the RFID tags placed on items. With the help this technology, remote inventory control in an entire warehouse is made possible. As the RFID technology continues to evolve and mature, it will surely become a platform for driving efficiency across all businesses and has a lot of potential for future applications.  ]]>


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