RFID Systems for Building Management

Facility management, (or building management) is an important industry across Canada and the U.S. Facility managers and personnel require real time access to residential or commercial inspections and maintenance records. Different facilities may have the same team of managers and staff managing more than one location. Having information at the tip of one’s fingertips greatly speeds up the process when it comes to maintaining a building’s infrastructure.

Open communication between managers and facility staff members reduce labour costs and increases profit. The traditional method of communication entailed the acquisition of data using paper and scribbled notes. Hand written documentation is an ineffective way of communicating between a facilities location and its offices. Assisting building management staff members with capturing and sharing of pertinent information goes a long way to the efficient operation of a residential or commercial building.

The less time spent looking for information or correcting outdated data means budgetary constraints can be kept within set parameters. RFID technology can enhance the maintenance and effectiveness of how a facility runs. Information gathered by RFID portals in certain locations within a building can be relayed to management easily. Our RFID System takes into account customizable reporting, real-time monitoring, access control management, and web-based management has proven to be superior over traditional past methods.

Benefits of GAO RFID’ System for Building Management:

  • Unattended 24 hour operation
  • Web management interface
  • Active and passive RFID hardware work in sync with our software
  • Secured access for staff to certain areas
  • Customizable reporting
  • Real time monitoring

The GAO RFID web based system links building managers, staff members, suppliers and distribution services under one umbrella. No longer will one department not know what the other department is doing. Organizations run most efficiently when every department is seamlessly integrated together. Today’s technology such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks makes responding to building management issues a cinch. Streamlining logistical processes for the building management industry has never been easier.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Building Management

The GAO RFID System for building management works by combining an RFID tag and a RFID reader. The tags contain a small microchip and antennae. Each tag has a unique serial number associated with it, tags can be either passive or active. Depending on a clients need they may opt for an active tag with a read range of up to several meters. Passive RFID Tags have a limited range in comparison. Whatever the scenario we have a solution that can be adapted for your company.

Secured Parking

RFID tags can be mounted to the windshield of vehicles allowing hands free secure access to commercial or residential parking lots. Antennae that work in unison with RFID technology can activate surveillance camera whenever a vehicle enters or exits a secured area. The information recorded in the RFID Reader can be relayed to a host computer, keeping a log of vehicles for commercial facilities. Another advantage of hands free parking access is the ability to increase traffic flow into and out of residential or commercial buildings while keeping the premises safe and secure.

Personnel Tracking

A widely accepted use of RFID Badge is keeping track of employees coming to and leaving work. Building management staff can tap an RFID portal when their shifts begin, eliminating payroll miscalculations. In addition, the same RFID Badge provides security clearance to individual employees so that they can unlock certain doors throughout the building. This ensures only authorized personnel can gain entry to private or prohibited zones on the premises. Once a door is accessed, the event is logged so that managers can easily review reports that show each personnel’s activity on any day within any given period of time.

Building Management and RFID

Simplifying peer to peer relationships amongst different building management companies has never been easier. RFID portals can resolve common issues that at one time relied on a paper based information system. Having one standardized methodology of collecting data and sharing it can all be accomplished with the adoption of qualified RFID hardware and software solutions provided by GAO RFID.

  1. An RFID Reader can collect data
  2. Record a facilities condition using digital images
  3. Refer digital specifications and documentation
  4. Access information from a portal directly using web management software

Create a checklist of jobs in progress and jobs that are complete

Integrate our RFID System with your Building Management Software

Using our RFID System will ensure that your building is managed efficiently and effectively; saving you money and providing security that is expected in a successfully managed building facility.

Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID can help provide your building with a complete RFID System.