Humidity RFID Tags

GAO’s humidity RFID tags are specialized radio frequency identification (RFID) tags equipped with sensors that measure and transmit humidity levels. These tags are designed to provide real-time monitoring of humidity conditions in various environments. The key benefit of humidity RFID tags lies in their ability to enhance data visibility and accuracy in supply chain management, storage facilities, and other controlled environments.



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This mount-on-metal RFID tag is a mount-on-metal, high-temperature resistant tags that offers robust performance at an attractive price point.
ID: 116040
This UHF tag is designed with a small form factor and withstands high temperatures of up to 200 °C and resists chemicals and alcohol.
ID: 116601
This RFID tag has many great features including a high transmission range: 150 meters (open field), a good lifecycle: up to 10 years, and a robust industrial casing, plus many more features
ID: 124080
This Wireless RFID Relative Humidity Sensor monitors and tracks the relative humidity of tagged items from up to 262 feet (80 metres) away.
ID: 124074