Antennas for RFID Readers


Our range of Reader or Transponder Antennas is designed to be paired with our selection of RFID readers so that RFID tags can be accurately interrogated. The Antennas for RFID readers are engineered for specific frequencies including Active 2.45GHz, Active UHF 433 MHz, Passive UHF 860-960 MHz, Passive High Frequency 13.56 MHz, and Passive Low Frequency 134.2 KHz.

Based on each Antenna’s unique strengths, an RFID system is designed using different antennas and frequencies that match the environment. Which RFID antenna to choose for which RFID reader also depends on the read range, which is the distance between each RFID reader and the RFID tags that will be read. We have antennas in all kinds of shape and form such as Regular Panel, Linear Panel, ASA Panel, Single Port, High Performance Desktop Planar,  Indoor, Outdoor Directional, LHCP or RHCP Polarization, Airstrip, Runway, Sector, Circular Polarized, Yagi, HF Metallic-Shield, Intelligent Test-tube Rack, Circular Polarised Patch, Whip.

All of this combined creates your environment’s read rate success while complying with applicable international standards such as ISO and EPCGlobal Gen 2.

Find RFID Antennas

If you have any questions about our RFID antennas and are wondering which frequency works best for you, one of our Experts will be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today!