semi passive uhf gen 2 rfid tags

Semi passive RFID tags use batteries and rely on the RFID reader signal to communicate and are UHF Gen2 compliant, the Electronic Product Code Class 1 Generation 2. These tags operate at the 860 MHZ – 960 MHz range.

Being Gen 2 compliant, these semi passive RFID tags follow the global industrial standard being used today by end-to-end supply chain applications.


The Semi Passive UHF Gen 2 RFID Tags operate in the range of 860 MHz – 960MHz range. These tags are fully compliant with the Class 3 Gen 2 standard, can be read by any Gen 2 compliant reader and supports ISO18000-6C protocol .They are battery operated with a battery life of three to five years with a replaceable battery and a read range of  up to 72 ft. (22 m).

The operating temperature of Semi Passive UHF Gen 2 RFID Tags is  -11 °F to 147 °F (-24 °C to 64 °C)  and the memory content of these tags is up to 496-bit  EPC ID , 64 bit TID , 512 bit user memory . Some of these tags have an alarm function which indicates when it is under temperature, over temperature, or low battery. It features a unique light panel, ultra-capacitor combination power source, light weight, high durability, and provides reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The tags of this kind have IP 65, IP 67 protection standards by which they can withstand harsh environments and also get protected from dust and rust.


Being Gen 2 compliant, these semi passive RFID tags follow the global industrial standard being used today by end-to-end supply chain applications, access control and attendance tracking, retail loyalty program, theme park experience enhancement, cold chain management, temperature data logging, food inspections, cold storage rooms,  product authentication, mobile overseas containers, recall management , cold chain transportation, temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, living organic materials, floral management, industrial composites and chemicals tracking.

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ID: 116065

This high performance rugged UHF 860-960 MHz temperature sensor tag is IP67 rated and is ideally suited for the harshest, coldest and most demanding applications.

ID: 116062

This battery assisted EPC Class 1 Gen 2 tag is an ideal choice for people tracking.

ID: 116045

This temperature logging is an ideal tracking solution for recording temperatures of sensitive products during transportation and storage.

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