RFID Tags by Feature

Browse our selection of RFID tags that can be fastened to various surfaces (fastenable). They come in a variety of styles and frequencies to be implemented in most RFID systems.

If you don’t see something that fits your needs or have questions about any of our fastenable tags please feel free to contact us.

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ID: 113418
ID: 124068
ID: 124070
ID: 112100
ID: 112104
ID: 112106
ID: 116255
ID: 124017-HZ
ID: 116513
ID: 116049
ID: 116403
ID: 116035
ID: 116041
ID: 116207
ID: 116514
ID: 116262
ID: 116517
ID: 124073
ID: 124074
ID: 124075
ID: 116205
ID: 116428
ID: 116204

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