Mini RFID Tags


GAO RFID provides a large selection of small form factor mini RFID tags that are designed to be used in many applications where fitting into smaller areas is required to track and monitor assets.


GAO RFID provides a collection of Micro/ Mini RFID tags with protocols designed to track assets with small surface areas. The mini RFID tags are offered in a wide range of reading frequencies that include 125kHz, 134kHz, GEN 2 UHF 860-960 MHz and 13.56 MHz operating frequency. Additionally, some of the micro/mini RFID tags are compliant with RoHs, EM4100 and support several regulatory specifications such as ISO 11784, ISO 11785, EM4102, EPC, ISO 16000-6C or EPC class 1 Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C protocols. Some of the key features of these tags include active or passive technology, short or long range reading, read and write capabilities and they are ideal for applications where size matters. Other special features are metal mounting, IP rated for harsh conditions and temperature resistance. The mini RFID tags support protocols present different options of memory capacity including 64 bits R/W, 256 bits R/W, 96 bits TID, 96-bit EPC ID and 192 bits user memory. Furthermore, the dimensions of the tags can vary but are designed to fit into particularly small areas to track and monitor assets.


The micro/mini RFID tags are design to be use in many applications and fulfil the needs of different kinds of businesses. Some of the applications for these devices include animal identification, small parts identification and medical parts identification. These kind of tags can also be used in tracking IT assets such as laptops or hand held computers that require a small form factor RFID tag, tracking of industrial gas cylinders and laundry applications within others.

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