GAO RFID provides a range of RFID tags for use with returnable transport items. Using our RFID tags for returnable transport items, it becomes easy to monitor and trace each valuable container as they leave your site and sit idle at a customer’s warehouse. From chemical resistant tags to tamper evident seal tags, our returnable transit RFID tags will drastically improve stock management.


GAO RFID provides a collection of RFID Tags for Returnable Transport Items (RTI) with different protocols that are designed to monitor and trace valuable returnable transportation assets such as bins, containers, crates, and pallets. The RFID tags for RTI are available at a variety of frequencies within UHF 869-960 MHz frequency range. UHF technology is rapidly expanding the boundaries of data collection speed and accuracy. Using UHF, an entire truckload of hundreds of individually tagged containers can be accounted for in a few seconds. These tags ensure increased efficiency reduced cost and improved ROI. Additionally, most of the RTI tags have several certifications that include the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, European Conformity (CE) directive, ATEX/ICEx approval and US&Canada (C1D1/D2) certification. Additionally, these devices are offered at a variety of options regarding the memory capacity such as EPC 96 bits (Extensible to 512 bits), user 512 bits, TID 64 bits and CRC 32 bits. Tags of this kind have IP68 classification by which they are protected from total dust ingress and can withstand immersion in water up to a specified pressure.

Form Factors and Materials

We offer RFID tags for returnable transport items in different form factors and materials. The RTI tags are designed to have excellent performance even on challenging materials, for this reason, they are built with excellent materials that excel functionality, some of them are glass fiber – PCB FR4, ABS, and PC.


The RFID tags for returnable transport items are designed to monitor and trace each valuable container as they leave the production site and sit idle at a delivery warehouse. These tags can be used for many different applications such as returnable transit items within global supply chain, automobile still gates, large rental equipment and wooden pallet tracking. Other applied fields for this kind of tag include IT& electronics, chemical and medical assets, tools, various assets, W.I.P. in various industries, returnable metal pallets and boxes, automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding.

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ID: 116266

ID: 116087

This UHF Mount On Metal RFID tag can be used in tracking management, property management and logistic tracking, specifically designed to perform on metal surfaces.


This Waste Bin RFID Tag enables automatic measurement of weight of waste; promoting efficiency and control over the in-transit tracking of Waste Management Containers and Bins.

ID: 112104

The LF-Waste Bin Tag’s small form factor and made from a nylon/PC material making it suitable for waste management solutions in challenging environments.

ID: 116431

The passive UHF Gen 2 RFID tag series are specially designed for mount-on-metal and high-temperature environment applications.

ID: 116049

This durable, long-range tag is designed for metal mount which means it is  optimized for attachment to metallic objects.

ID: 115009

The small form factor Flex RFID tag is for applications to assets with limited surface areas such as laptop computer and shelf-edge retail warehouse racks

ID: 116027

The small form factor RFID Flex tag is convenient for application to assets with limited surface areas such as laptop computers and shelf-edge retail warehouse rack.

ID: 116028

The Max, a long-range passive UHF RFID tag, provides maximum visibility for applications such as conveyances, pallets, large high-value assets and even vehicle tracking.

ID: 116406

Survivor is suitable for returnable transit items and can be mounted to any surface, including metal.

ID: 116405

This tag has been designed to be easily attached by adhesive or magnetic tape, and also with cable ties for example to metallic cables or pipes.

ID: 116404

Pino tags are designed to enable cost-efficient and reliable tracking of wooden pallets, one of the main transit item platforms in use globally.

ID: 115003

This UHF Gen2 Dogbone RFID tag is a high-end RFID tag for global supply chain management and returnable transit items.

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