Wiegand RFID Readers

GAO provides a large quantity of Wiegand RFID Readers. Wiegand interface is a wired communication connecting an RFID reader and a controller in an access control system such as a parking system. Wiegand interface, sometimes called Wiegand wire, is typically used in access control, but also in other applications.


Our Wiegand RFID Readers are most commonly used to connect a card swipe mechanism to the rest of an access control system. This would include using it to connect card readers, fingerprint scanners, or other biometric readers to each other and the rest of the access control system. Many of our readers are weather resistant and are resistant to shock, water, and dust allowing them to thrive in almost any environment.  Our Wiegand readers provide a robust and compact design and even allow some of our readers to be suitable to be used around metal surfaces. Our readers support multiple protocols, multiple interfaces, and fast read/write speed, showing that our devices are top quality. These readers are suitable for applications such as access control systems, parking systems, and outdoor applications.


If you have questions about our RFID Readers, or which RFID Tags work best with them please feel free to contact our experts who would be happy to help! Our experts are versed in BLE, RFID and IoT devices and systems.

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