Medium Range RFID Tags


GAO RFID offers a selection of mid range (10m+) RFID tags. Using GEN 2 UHF 865-868/902-928 MHz frequencies, these tags can be read from a long range quickly and accurately. Mid range tags are well-suited for any low cost asset tracking application.


GAO RFID offers a selection of medium range RFID tags with protocols that enable businesses to track assets quickly and accurately. The mid range tags are available at a variety of frequencies that include using GEN 2 UHF 865- 868/ 902-928 MHz operating frequency. Furthermore these tags facilitate a read range of up to 32’ (10 m) and possess key features to optimize their efficiency, such as durability, ruggedness, sending capabilities, various form factors and UHF Gen2 compliant. Additionally, most of the mid range tags are RoHs compliant and support various protocols like ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2. Other particularities of these components include a memory capacity that can vary depending on the specifics of the device but often are 96-bit EPC; 64 bit TID; 496 bit EPC or 512-bit user memory. The materials of the tags are designed to respond to different purposes, such as PP plastic or Glass fibber- PCB FR4. These characteristics enable the tags to be waterproof and resistant to demanding environments.


The mid range tags are suitable for any low cost asset-tracking application and are used in many different industries. Some of the applications for the mid range tags include data collection of plants in a certain area or cultivation environment, fixed asset tracking, mobile asset tracking, inventory management, logistics, warehouse management, IT asset tracking, tool tracking, real time transactions, item level identification and any application where a small form factor with longer range read capability is required.

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