Keyboard Emulation Readers

GAO offers a sizeable collection of Keyboard Emulation RFID Readers which are available in a variety of frequencies including ultra-high frequency (UHF), high frequency (HF), and low frequency (LF). Our keyboard emulation feature helps provide simplistic textual input to a computer that simulates typing on a keyboard.


Our readers are highly integrated, have a well-defined reading zone, and are able to read multiple items within the reading zone at the same time. Our versatile RFID reader products have writing capabilities, and some come lightweight and feature a compact housing design making them ideal for installation in environments with space constraints. Our devices allow it to read a wide variety of RFID tags and are easy to use allowing for Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth connection. Our Keyboard Emulation RFID Readers are widely used in the industries of security/patrol/mining/finance and railway systems, etc.


If you have questions about our RFID Readers, or which RFID Tags work best with them please feel free to contact our experts who would be happy to help! Our experts are versed in BLE, RFID and IoT devices and systems.

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With a built-in screen and a reading distance of up to 5.0'' (13 cm), the 134 kHz portable reader has a one button design for animal or food identification.
ID: 222005
This low-frequency configurable RFID reader is specially designed to support various types of low-frequency cards. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for customers to reduce inventory overheads.
ID: 221015
GAORFID SKU# 221016 Plug&Play Micro USB or Type C USB  interface portable device is able to read 125KHz Low Frequency RFID tags (EM4xxx standard).
ID: 221016
Small, portable and integrated reader and writer, suitable for indoor desk operation
ID: 236047
This high and low frequency RFID reader applies dual frequency technology (125KHz Low frequency + 13.56MHz High frequency) allowing it to read a wide variety of RFID tags.
ID: 223008
This palm sized 125 kHz LF Bluetooth based reader can wirelessly upload tag IDs to Bluetooth based computers or handhelds in real-time, making it ideal for security and patrol solutions.
ID: 221013
This high-frequency configurable RFID reader is specially designed to support various types of high-frequency cards. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for customers to reduce inventory overheads.
ID: 223006
This USB/Bluetooth HF reader is palm sized, lightweight 3.45 oz (98 g), and operates in environments ranging from -13 °F to 149 °F (-25 °C to 65 °C).
ID: 223012
This palm sized, Bluetooth based 134 kHz reader can upload tag IDs to computers or PDAs in real-time and can read up to 7000 tags per battery charge.
ID: 222012
This product is a desktop UHF Gen 2 reader and writer suitable for the North American, European and other regions
ID: 236045
This versatile product is a compact desktop reader and writer that supports UHF Gen 2 frequencies for multiple geographical regions, such as North America and Europe.
ID: 236046
GAORFID SKU# 226004 is a handheld Bluetooth 4.0 Plug & Play Scanner with superior RFID performance.
ID: 226004
Supports EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF and USB Type C devices
ID: 246037
Highly Efficient UHF RFID Reader with freedom of mobility and flexible Operations of Data Collection.
ID: 226003
This USB/Bluetooth key fob reader is compliant with ISO18000-6C/EPC C1G2 standards, has an integrated linear polarized antenna, and reads tags up to 2.95 ft (0.90 m) away.
ID: 246021
This multiple communication interface UHF compact reader/writer is compliant to the ISO18000-6C standard and has a read range of up to 11.8” (30 cm).
ID: 236034