GAO RFID Cloud Service

Features of GAO RFID Cloud Service:

  • No need to locally set up a server, and all the data can be viewed no matter where you are;
  • Each client has a separate cloud application and their database;
  • GAO RFID Cloud Software: Access Control RFID Software, Parking Control RFID Software, Asset Tracking RFID Software, People Tracking RFID Software are running on a cloud server;
  • GAO RFID Client App can be downloaded and run on a client device with the internet capability, a smart phone, or a tablet;
  • Powerful Restful Web services between GAO RFID Cloud Software and the RFID Client App running on the client devices;
  • GAO RFID Client App can scan NFC or UHF RFID tags, send scan history data to the cloud server, download the registered tags or other data from the cloud server, and search tags in site;
  • GAO RFID Client App can run offline when the internet is not available;
  • GAO RFID Cloud software supports full and incremental data synchronization between the cloud server and the client devices.
  • GAO RFID Cloud software can show all the scan history and registered tags or other data which can be viewed from any place around the world just with a browser.

Want to Know More About Cloud RFID Services?

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