GAO Event Management System

Event Management RFID

The GAO Event Management System is a fully integrated event management solution that provides access control, advanced event marketing capabilities, and enhanced business intelligence. This is made possible by the following key components:

  1. GAO Event Management Software
  2. GAO RFID Tags (Wearable Event Credentials)
  3. GAO RFID Readers

These key components work together to provide a premier event experience for guests while delivering in-depth visitor data for business analysis.

In three simple steps, the GAO Event Management System helps you take your company event to the next level by automating attendance, enriching event marketing goals, and empowering you to know exactly how your guests are interacting throughout the event. Here’s how:

Wearable GAO RFID Tags such as lanyard badges and wristbands are given to your guests.

GAO RFID Readers are installed at strategic points in your event environment such as entrances, exits, booths, and exhibits so that they can “read” the signals being broadcasted by the GAO RFID Tags worn by event attendees.

Each GAO RFID Tag worn by your guests transmits data. This information is then imported into the GAO Event Management Software. Through an intuitive interface, you can control access to club-level seating or VIP lounges, see the length of stay and peak times of visitors, see traffic flow and event hot spots, and even track individual guest locations in real-time.

The Bottom Line

The GAO Event Management System simplifies event planning by:

  • Automating guest registration and give personalized experiences
  • Easily programming layered access to different areas of your venue
  • Electronically providing event collateral
  • Engaging visitors through social media to increase event visibility
  • Collecting detailed visitor behaviour information to improve business intelligence