GAO RFID offers a wide selection of rugged RFID tags for use in applications such as package and material tracking, car windshield mounting, and corrosive heavy industry environments. Whether it is temperature variation or rough handling of items, our range of rugged RFID tags are designed to withstand the extreme.


GAO RFID offers a collection of Rugged RFID Tags with different protocols that are designed to track assets in the roughest and most extreme environments. The rugged RFID tags are available at a variety of frequencies such as UHF 433 MHz and UHF 860-960 MHz frequency range. Most of these devices have ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX certification and are also compliant with M1 F08, CE, and RoHS directives. Additionally, some of these tags support various protocols such as ISO18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen2, and ISO 14443A. The rugged RFID tags are designed to endure applications such as package and material tracking, car windshield mounting, and corrosive heavy industry environments. Furthermore, the tags offer a variety of memory capacity options that include EPC 96 bits (Extensible to 512 bits), user 512 bits, TID 64 bits, and CRC 32 bits. Another key feature of the rugged tags is that most of them have an operating temperature that ranges from -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to +85 °C). Also, tags of this kind have IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection standards by which they can withstand immersion in water and also are protected from dust and rust.

Form Factors and Materials

GAO RFID offers rugged RFID tags in different form factors and materials. In order to withstand extreme conditions these tags are built with resistant materials including nylon, PP plastics, Glass fiber – PCB FR4 and ceramic tag embed in metal.   Additionally, they come in convenient colors such as white, black, red and yellow to fit into different environments.


The rugged RFID tags are used for applications in rugged and extreme environments. These tags can be used for many different applications including oil & gas industry, mining, use in metal, monitoring temperature, tracking or authentication of individuals for access to equipment, textile rental, and laundry industries. Other applications for the rugged RFID tags include logistics, warehouse management, supply chain, medical equipment management, container management, localization of high-value assets, returnable transport items tracking and construction helmets and manufacturing equipment tracking.

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ID: 116268

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ID: 116087

This UHF Mount On Metal RFID tag can be used in tracking management, property management and logistic tracking, specifically designed to perform on metal surfaces.


This Waste Bin RFID Tag enables automatic measurement of weight of waste; promoting efficiency and control over the in-transit tracking of Waste Management Containers and Bins.

ID: 116255

The RFID Nail Tag can be nailed into any type of wood, suitable for any kind of pallets, trees and wood; it is rust-resistant in wet and chemical environment.

ID: 113526

These Button Hole RFID Laundry Tags are waterproof, made from nylon and polyester and designed for RFID laundry and linen management.

ID: 116245

The UHF compact metal mount tag’s unique form factor and IP 68 rating makes it suitable for tool tracking and industrial assets tracking applications.

ID: 113501

The 13.56 MHz high temperature resistant HT tag is made up of high temp plastic to endure more temperature with high durability even in harsh environments.  

ID: 112104

The LF-Waste Bin Tag’s small form factor and made from a nylon/PC material making it suitable for waste management solutions in challenging environments.

ID: 116514

This UHF RFID tag is specially designed for tagging objects under harsh environment and is the perfect solution for tagging outdoor metal equipment.

ID: 124017-Temp

This asset temperature tag can be used to measure temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment and can be deployed equally well on metallic and non metallic assets.

ID: 124017-HZ

This UHF 433 MHz active RFID asset hazard tag is certified to ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX standards and can be configured to hold standard 26-bit Wiegand numbering.

ID: 124007

This 433 MHz active rugged wrist strap RFID tag allows for a wide range of user-supplied wrist straps to be used to attach the tag to the wearer's wrist and is splash proof.

ID: 124017

The industrial active RFID asset tag is ideally suited for heavy duty or outdoor assets or vehicle tracking and monitoring applications.

ID: 124018

The 433 MHz active indoor asset RFID tag can incorporate a motion sensor providing immediate alarms on movement and offers different user-configurable rates for its status transmissions.

ID: 116430

This UHF Gen 2 RFID spiral tag is a square device with oval hole for tie-on applications and is developed specifically for only non-metal applications.

ID: 116422

This easy to use UHF Gen 2 RFID lock tag features extreme weather resistance and RoHS compliance and provides a read range of up to 3 meters.

ID: 116049

This durable, long-range tag is designed for metal mount which means it is  optimized for attachment to metallic objects.

ID: 116041

This UHF RFID tag is specially designed to work under harsh environments and can withstand shock and vibration and prolonged exposure to extreme weather and temperature.

ID: 116413

This Gen2 RFID Laundry Tag is developed for laundry applications that require a rugged RFID transponder which can withstand harsh environments.

ID: 115011

The passive UHF Prox RFID tag is ideally suited for asset tracking and management of small high-value assets.

ID: 115009

The small form factor Flex RFID tag is for applications to assets with limited surface areas such as laptop computer and shelf-edge retail warehouse racks

ID: 116027

The small form factor RFID Flex tag is convenient for application to assets with limited surface areas such as laptop computers and shelf-edge retail warehouse rack.

ID: 116029

This UHF 900 MHz RFID Prox Tag provides high-performance RFID tag identification in metallic or non-metallic environments with a read range of over 9.4 ft (3m).

ID: 116026

The Prox is a compact, high-performance UHF RFID tag with a manageable read range of  greater than 8 feet.

ID: 115007

The Max is a high-performing, long-range passive UHF RFID tag with outstanding read range of up to 23 feet (7 metres).

ID: 115006

The Flex is a passive Gen 2 UHF EPC Class 1 RFID tag with laminated finish providing improved visibility of assets in various environments.

ID: 116403

This patent pending solution provides totally new benchmark for low-cost passive RFID in its size and durability (IP68) to various customer requirements.

ID: 116502

This tag is specially designed to survive high temperatures of up to 200 °C and is resistant to acids and alcohol to be used on metals, wood and plastic.

ID: 113311

This 13.56 MHz RFID card uses advanced cryptography to prevent tag cloning and is an ideal solution for access control and asset tracking.

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