GAO RFID offers a selection of RFID tags designed to aid in food safety and supply chain traceability. If you are looking for ways to track food products from source to store, monitor WIP during food processing, or increase yield visibility, we have the RFID tags you need.


GAO RFID provides a selection of Traceability/E-seal RFID Tags with key features that are designed to assist food safety and provide traceability throughout the supply chain. These types of tags are available in many frequencies that include 13.56 MHz, 2.45 GHz, 433 MHz, 860-960 MHz, 125kHz, 865 MHz, 900 MHz and dual frequency 860- 960 MHz/13.56 MHz. Other integrated technologies that characterize these tags are tamper proof features that disable interrogation if the tags have been damaged or tamper, as well as compact from factors and optimized read ranges. Most of the traceability/ E-seal RFID tags are compliant with MF1 S50, Mifare S501K, EM4100, and EM4450 and support various regulatory specifications such us ISO/IEC 14443-A, ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 and ISO 180006C. The read range of the tags can vary depending on its specific features but GAO RFID offers a variety of options that present tags of short to mid range and also tags with protocols of ultra long read range. Furthermore, the tags are available in different sizes and materials to accommodate to the users needs. Some of the materials include to build the tags are PVC, paper, ABS, plastic or resin.


The traceability/E-Seal RFID Tags enable users to aid food safety and supply chain traceability. These tags are suitable to track products across the different segments of the supply chain from the source to the delivery destination, optimizing the control and management over the business. These kind of tags can be used for many different applications that include item identification, process control, factory automation, access and inventory control, supply chain management, ticketing, asset management, manufacturing and vehicle management. Other uses for these types of tags also include personnel tracking, indoor or outdoor use, location, vaccinations and health histories.

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This Waste Bin RFID Tag enables automatic measurement of weight of waste; promoting efficiency and control over the in-transit tracking of Waste Management Containers and Bins.

ID: 116510

This high performance integrated RFID MIFARE® tag combines the dual frequency function of UHF and HF in one.

ID: 116072

This UHF RFID zip tie tag is specially designed with internal metal wire to make it difficult to remove the tag from any asset.

ID: 124007

This 433 MHz active rugged wrist strap RFID tag allows for a wide range of user-supplied wrist straps to be used to attach the tag to the wearer's wrist and is splash proof.

ID: 124009

This 433 MHz micro wrist strap RFID tag has a unique omni-directional antenna design, works well with both metallic and non metallic asset, and has an anti-tamper feature.

ID: 124012

This active RFID personnel tag is intended for use in all personnel security and access applications such as dynamic mustering and health and safety compliance, or on non-metal assets.

ID: 113418

This high frequency MIFARE® RFID tag is specially designed to be mounted directly on metal surfaces.

ID: 113019

This passive 13.56 MHz RFID tag maintains good performance even near liquids and is widely used for asset tracking and in public transportation systems.

ID: 111204

This low frequency clamshell RFID card is used in a variety of applications such as ticketing, security access control and prepayment devices.

ID: 116041

This UHF RFID tag is specially designed to work under harsh environments and can withstand shock and vibration and prolonged exposure to extreme weather and temperature.

ID: 115006

The Flex is a passive Gen 2 UHF EPC Class 1 RFID tag with laminated finish providing improved visibility of assets in various environments.

ID: 113415

This 13.56 MHz clear Disc tag is laminated with PVC and can withstand harsh environments and is NFC compatible.

ID: 124012-HZ

This 433 MHz active RFID personnel hazard tag is ATEX Zone 0, ICEPEX and intrinsically safe certified and is generally used for security & safety applications.

ID: 116034

This passive Gen2 UHF RFID tag is specially designed for tracking livestock and operates in 860-960MHz Gen 2 Class 1 frequency range.

ID: 127002

A 2.45 GHz Active RFID card tag that provides up to 100m of read range and has a unique anti collision feature that allows for a simultaneous read of up to 100 tags.

ID: 127001

A 2.45 GHz Active RFID strip tag with a read range of up to 100m and an anti-collision feature allows for a simultaneous read of up to 100 tags.

ID: 111201

This low frequency (LF) passive clamshell RFID card EM 4450 is waterproof and wallet sized.

ID: 111009

This 125 kHz Low Frequency Pole RFID Tag is designed to be inserted into a hole or attache via epoxy for automobile, pallet, cement/wood tracking applications.

ID: 115002

This UHF Gen 2 RFID Frog 3D tag is widely used in RFID supply chain applications, pallet and case-level applications.

ID: 113404

These 13.56 MHz Paper Wristband Tags are used for ticketing, healthcare, and security applications to identify and track people.

ID: 113304

This 13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) Thin RFID is the solution for  card ticketing and contactless smart card applications and provides– excellent security.

ID: 113303

These  13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) Thin RFID Cards are designed for ticketing, contactless smart card, and security applications.

ID: 111301

This 125 kHz Low Frequency Thin RFID Card is a wallet sized tag with slot for attaching a strap and is used for ticketing, access control, and payment devices.

ID: 111202

This 125 KHZ Low Frequency Clamshell RFID Card is used for ticketing, hands free access, manufacturing automation, and prepayment devices.

ID: 115004

This UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag, which can be used close to metal, liquids and other RF unfriendly materials.

ID: 115003

This UHF Gen2 Dogbone RFID tag is a high-end RFID tag for global supply chain management and returnable transit items.

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