Wet Inlay RFID Tags

Wet Inlay RFID tags have adhesive backing combined with easy peel and stick functionality. They are easy to stick directly to products and by merging with other paper/plastic labels they can be converted into smart labels.  


Our tags come in a variety of reading ranges, features (printable, tamperproof) and patterns (e.g.: Squiggle, Dogbone, Frog 3D, Web etc.) that are suitable for various purposes. If you are wanting to improve your supply chain management, GAO Wet Inlay RFID tags will make it easier to track, count and protect stock or inventory at a low cost. GAO offers a wide range of Wet Inlay RFID tags that are useful for boxes, product labeling etc. 


If you don’t see something that fits your needs or have questions about any of our wet inlay tag please feel free to contact us.

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