Wet Inlay RFID Tags

Wet Inlay RFID tags have adhesive backing combined with easy peel and stick functionality. They are easy to stick directly to products and by merging with other paper/plastic labels they can be converted into smart labels.  


Our tags come in a variety of reading ranges, features (printable, tamperproof) and patterns (e.g.: Squiggle, Dogbone, Frog 3D, Web etc.) that are suitable for various purposes. If you are wanting to improve your supply chain management, GAO Wet Inlay RFID tags will make it easier to track, count and protect stock or inventory at a low cost. GAO offers a wide range of Wet Inlay RFID tags that are useful for boxes, product labeling etc. 


If you don’t see something that fits your needs or have questions about any of our wet inlay tag please feel free to contact us.

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This UHF Gen2 Dogbone RFID tag is a high-end RFID tag for global supply chain management and returnable transit items.
ID: 115003
This UHF Gen 2 RFID Frog 3D tag is widely used in RFID supply chain applications, pallet and case-level applications.
ID: 115002
This tag is made of paper or aluminum foil. It is light weight and comes with adhesive to easily mount on any surface. It is very useful in Access Control System, Supply management, and Product Authentication applications.
ID: 116250
This UHF Gen2 RFID web tag is suitable for item-level apparel and is optimized for inventory management processes and point-of-sale applications.
ID: 116007
The UHF Gen2 printable mini mount on metal tag uses a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain excellent read ranges regardless of the surface.
ID: 116084
The UHF Gen2 printable mount on metal tag features a small footprint and low profile and and gives incredible read ranges.
ID: 116083
This UHF Gen2 tamperproof windshield tag utilizes passive RFID technology and provides a read range of up to 30 feet (9 metres).
ID: 116082
This UHF Gen2 wristband adhesive closure tag features an RFID inlay to grant access to help quickly and efficiently manage crowd entry at concerts or events.
ID: 116081
This UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag, which can be used close to metal, liquids and other RF unfriendly materials.
ID: 115004