We Specialize in Creating Custom RFID Tags & Readers

With the ever-expanding applications for RFID technology in industries worldwide, there are numerous types of RFID tags with different configurations available in the market. But sometimes, there may not be an RFID tag or reader available today that suits your needs.

This is why GAO RFID specializes in helping customers create custom RFID tags and readers to suit their application and deployment environment, including the type of RFID chip/inlay, form factor, frequency, mould/casing, and more.

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Tips on Creating custom RFID Tags & Readers

Consider RFID frequencies...

While choosing an RFID tag the first requirement is frequency. The frequency of the tags should be matched with the corresponding RFID reader for the proper functioning. Every RFID system works on particular frequency band of low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra-high frequency (UHF) or microwave frequency. With the increase in the frequency range, the reading distance and the rate of data processing also increase.

Think about your work environment...

For the reliable functioning it is important to deploy a tag according to its environment conditions. The housing material used for construction of tags depends upon an application. If a tag is used for book tracking in libraries, the paper or plastic is used and for harsh environment the material will be different. Under the various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, chemical impact, sand, water, dirt etc., a tag requires the suitable IP rates for protection. For indoor applications the IP65 or less are suitable and while selecting a tag for outdoor applications the IP67 or above is best.

GAO RFID offers a large variety of tags which are dust and water proof, provides chemical resistant and capable of persisting even in the hazardous environment.

Consider the size of RFID tags...

Size of a tag is determined by the size of an asset being tagged and is dependent on the area available to place an RFID tag.  Applications which contain large objects like shipping containers and vehicles, there is a plenty of space available to attach an RFID tag. In recent years, RFID manufactures are concerned to reduce the size of an RFID tag to make it suitable for areas such as prescription drug bottles, tools, and electronic equipment where available space to place the tag is limited.

GAO RFID provides a large selection of tags available in different sizes to be used in many applications.

Take note of the mounting surface...

RFID tags can be attached on a wide range of surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, glass, fabric. The mounting surface also affect on the read range, performance and cost of a tag.  The on-metal tags are especially designed to provide high performance on metal surfaces, and they are typical more expensive than other RFID tags. Water and other liquids also impact on the read range when they exist in close proximity of readers and tags. Whenever, you select a tag always ensure that that tag tested and certified for proper functioning for corresponding application.

GAO RFID provides a large number of on-metal and off-metal tags to provide excellent performance while applied on different surfaces.

Consider the attachment method...

How attach a tag depends on the type of material and size. Some tags function effectively with adhesive materials while others with mechanical fasteners or with welding. Generally metal tags are suitable with bolts and screws and boxes accommodates with normal adhesive materials. The attachment method is described in the tag’s data sheet.

  • Adhesives – Many tags are designed to be used with commonly available adhesives. There are numerous types of adhesives available to bind virtually any materials and fix safely under a wide range of climate conditions
  • Screws and rivets – Many tags include pre-drilled holes to facilitate screws and rivets.
  • Welding – Some tags are designed to be welded to metal drums, vessels, tools or machines

GAO RFID provides tags for all kinds of attachment methods.

Pre-plan the read range you require...

The major concern while selecting any RFID tag is the read range between tag and reader. Actually a read range is greatly affected by the reader transmit power, tag orientation and antenna gain. The read range factor is considered most important property of any RFID product as it exhibits capacity of particular item. It also depends on the type of reader being used for scanning. In retail store where everything is near to each other short read distance works well.

GAO RFID has variety of tags which have reading range from a few millimeters up to a hundred meters as per need of particular application.

Don't forget your brand...

Some RFID tags like wristband, paper tags, cards come with an additional feature of customization according to the requirement of user. In customization, our company provides the selection of graphics, logo, color and barcode which can be printed on one side or both side of the tags. The customization is beneficial in various applications such as in industries, and in the parties and ceremonies they can be customized to provide attractive look. Moreover, encode a barcode on the surface of tag is helpful in some applications especially in retail management for efficiently tracking of goods.

GAO RFID provides multiple options to customize (dimensions, printing, material and chip type) tags as per customer requirements.

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