GAO RFID Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking RFID Systems

The GAO Asset Tracking System is a fully integrated asset locating solution that tracks and monitors assets in real-time. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. GAO Asset Tracking Software
  2. GAO RFID Tags
  3. GAO RFID Readers

These three components work together to track assets globally or locally, and can be customized to address the needs of any business environment. In three simple steps, the GAO Asset Tracking System empowers you to know exactly where your assets are on demand. Here’s how:

Specific GAO RFID Tags are physically placed on your valuable assets.

GAO RFID Readers are tailor-fit to your business environment and installed at strategic points so that they can “read” the signals being broadcasted by the GAO RFID Tags.

The GAO RFID Tags assigned to your assets are imported into our GAO Asset Tracking Software. Through an intuitive interface, you can track and locate specific assets on-site from a laptop, remotely on your web browser, or even while on the go using your mobile device.

Bottom Line
The GAO Asset Tracking System lets you:

  • Know where your assets are
  • Improve how they are used
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce capital and operating costs risk
  • Create a tangible Return on Investment