RFID Systems for Car Wash Facilities

Washing the car is part of the necessary maintenance for many automobile owners. While some automobile owners prefer to do it in their own driveway, most people like the speed and service of a car wash. With the success of many car wash chains across Canada and the U.S., there is no disputing the fact that people enjoy convenience. However, convenience comes with a price, and that price is often long lines for customers and for business owners it can mean people abusing Fleet systems.
Installing a GAO RFID System for Car Wash Establishments will help assist you to serve your clients in a speedy and efficient manner by doing the following:

  • Speeding up the queue process by providing RFID Passes to pass holders, allowing them to access the facility without needing to purchase a ticket and manually entering a passcode
  • Preventing exploitation and abuse of paid lifetime members or group washes via RDIF tracking
  • Providing a loyalty reward to long term members, creating a higher number of repeat customers
  • Equipping yourself with a management record and easily programmable services that can customize the car wash experience
  • Notifications that can automatically track payment and information for the customer to ensure accurate records

Our RFID solution is created to boost your revenue, build customer loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction. RFID tags are an efficient way to organize and manage new and existing data, as well as create unique files for each card holder to customize their personal car wash experience.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Car Wash Services

In ensuring that you extract the most value from your business, preventing loss of sales is of utmost importance. But with a high volume of customers, it can be costly to install surveillance systems and have them monitored all day. The GAO RFID System creates an effective and seamless solution to preventing abuse of otherwise fantastic programs like the commonly used Fleet, and any type of ‘Gold Loyalty’ membership card. In addition, it speeds up wait times and monitors your equipment to ensure they are maintained at the proper intervals for maximum uptime.

Turn off the Cameras

An operator always should be aware of what is happening in the car wash, but video surveillance can be rather pricey and expensive, especially given that the success rate of catching people who abuse the program by ‘cutting the line’ or stealing barcodes from active member cards is incredibly small. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System for Car Washes will ensure that you are equipped with the tools needed to give you an inside look into what is happening during the wash cycle by scanning the RFID chip that gets embedded into the Windshield RFID Tag on the vehicle of the pass holder.

No Need for an Attendant

For season’s pass holders, RFID Vehicle Tags can be given so that your customers can automatically access your car wash system at any time–no need for an attendant or payment processing. RFID Vehicle Tags are given to pass holders and they can simply drive into the car wash. RFID Readers recognize the RFID Tag and can begin the car wash cycle automatically.

Keep an Eye on Maintenance

The car wash equipment is the lifeline of the business—when it is operating without problems, the system creates revenue for the business. If it malfunctions and requires repairs, downtime can be days to call and wait for a technician to arrive and service the equipment. This would result in lost revenue and disappointed customers. By tagging all of your equipment with RFID Tags, manufacturer information, service histories and schedules can all be stored and the information accessed via our web-enabled management server. Moreover, you can set notifications to alert you when service dates are near to ensure they are performed. Whenever you want to check the service history of any equipment, it can be accessed within seconds. No more pen and paper forms to look through to guess whether maintenance has been performed!

Integrating our RFID Solution with your Car Wash System

GAO RFID Car Wash Services can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs.

It is our goal to have GAO RFID Systems implemented into your current management program, so you can experience the quality of RFID technology.

Contact us for more information on how the GAO RFID System for Car Wash Services can be adapted to suit your needs.