RFID Systems for Chemicals, Fertilizer & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing

The breadth and scale of chemical manufacturing across Canada and the U.S. is a large one that is difficult to categorize in simple terms. Companies in this complex sphere produce a variety of chemicals that support other industries worldwide. Gases, pigments, dyes and fertilizers are just some of the products found in this dynamic sector. Many analysts agree the vibrancy of the chemical manufacturing industry is largely based on the overall strength of the economy. The profitability of individual sectors—like construction, petroleum and agriculture—will often dictate the demand for various chemicals. That’s because industrial chemicals are often used to make more advanced products, such as plastics, paints and paper fibres.

Using GAO RFID Systems in the Chemicals, Fertilizer & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing Industry

At GAO RFID, the manufacturing sector has been an important consideration when designing our solutions. Many companies have come to us asking how to strengthen their production lines without sacrificing on quality. Read on to see how we’ve addressed their concerns. And then get in touch to see what GAO technology can do for you.

Question: If GAO RFID is committed to strengthening the manufacturing industry, does this mean you offer RFID Systems specially designed for our needs?

Yes, that’s exactly the case. GAO RFID’s Work in Progress (WIP) Tracking System is the preferred choice among manufacturing professionals. And it’s not difficult to see why. This all-in-one framework addresses a series of challenges faced by the industry today. It is one of the most powerful RFID solutions on the market because it allows manufacturers to do the following:

  • Track chemical compositions in real-time using the advanced RFID Tags that can withstand different temperatures and environments
  • Monitor tracks, cases and various equipment on the warehouse floor so that managers know where company assets are at all times
  • Log crucial data 24/7 as items pass through each production stage
  • Compile that data into useful, electronic reports that provide an overview of productivity levels and whether quality assurance standards are being met

These are just some of the powerful benefits of implementing GAO RFID’s WIP Tracking System into your operations. And because all of our systems are customizable, your company can tailor them to do so much more.

Question: We use a series of specialized equipment that only qualified workers are allowed to operate. Can we use GAO RFID to eliminate unsafe operation of our machinery?

Definitely. GAO RFID’s Access Control System is the perfect solution to this issue. Use our RFID Tag and Reader configurations to grant machinery access to authorized users only. Workers with qualified training are the only ones who are assigned RFID Badges with the qualifications data. When authorized workers come into proximity with the RFID Reader attached to the machinery, usage will be granted. Manufacturing companies can also implement GAO’s RFID Access Control System to control the facility’s multitude of zones and doorways. Use this RFID solution to restrict access to sensitive zones and eliminate general trespassing.

Question: We’re trying to reconfigure our human capital to address some workflow concerns. How can we implement RFID technology to tackle this issue?

To determine the root causes of bad workflow, you must first identify your employees’ habits. GAO RFID’s Personnel Tracking System helps you do just that. By assigning RFID Tags to each of your workers, you’ll be able to collect various data as they pass by strategically-placed RFID Readers. Here is just some of the information you’ll obtain:

  • How much time each employee is spending at a particular workstation
  • The intensity of employee ‘traffic’ within certain areas, or its lack thereof
  • Which areas of the production floor are being used the least
  • The whereabouts of particular employees at any given time of the day

Once our RFID Personnel Tracking System has accumulated this data, our powerful web-based software will then compile this information into useful reports. Managers can these use them to identify workflow anomalies and reconfigure human capital accordingly.

Integrating our RFID Systems with your Existing Management Software

GAO RFID’s Systems can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to your needs.

At the core of our solution is GAO RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine which incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions that perform RFID data collection and information processing. Our AUTO-ID Engine seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of manufacturing management systems so that you can access the data it collects directly via the system or systems you currently have in place.

Our team of seasoned professionals will smoothly integrate the appropriate GAO RFID System with your IT architecture. The result is an RFID solution that is seamlessly unified with your manufacturing management system.

Contact us for more information on how our RFID Systems can be configured for your organization.