GAO RFID Serves San Antonio, TX

From our US offices in New York, GAO RFID technologies reach far and wide across the country including in the exquisite City of San Antonio, Texas. Boasting a population of more than 1.5 million, the region has got such a deep history in Spanish-American relations. Today, San Antonio’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with development happening in so many different industries.

San Antonio also has a deep history of military service, with several facilities of the US Armed Forces based in the area. From Fort Sam Houston to the Lackland Air Force Base, the Randolph Air Force Base, Camp Bullis, and Camp Stanley, there’s large opportunity here to employ GAO’s systems of personnel and asset management. Using RFID technologies, one can better control and automate equipment, affix RFID tags to inventory to oversee these assets, assign badges to personnel which can help verify and control activity on-site, and restrict access to sensitive zones.

In San Antonio, you’ll also find the South Texas Medical Center, a major source of medical research. As a company with vast experience in supporting medical facilities and healthcare environments, GAO’s been ranked as a Top Ten Global Healthcare RFID Provider. Using RFID-based technology solutions, healthcare facilities can track valuable diagnostic and medical equipment, manage inventory such as heart valves, manage time to improve patient flow, improve staff efficiencies, and better control access to rooms, medication cabinets, and hazardous waste depots.

In discussions about major cities in the US, San Antonio is sometimes unfairly forgotten about. Bringing together its military history with government services, financial companies, the oil and gas sector, and manufacturing, there’s no disputing San Antonio’s an American powerhouse of a city. The region brings in more than 20 million tourists every year, is the home to multiple Fortune 500 companies, and its attractions range from the historic Alamo to the River Walk, SeaWorld, the San Fernando Cathedral, and more.

GAO’s RFID technologies can easily be applied to facilities housing a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s a warehouse or a hotel in San Antonio, GAO’s Access Control System is one of the most popular in the world. Guard against unauthorized individuals from entering the facilities, restrict access to sensitive zones by imposing tiered security licenses to each individual, and monitor any vehicles going on or off premises as needed. There’s few limitations to what can be done using smart RFID solutions for businesses across the greater San Antonio region.

When we speak about America’s greatest cities, San Antonio can oftentimes get passed over and unfairly forgotten about. San Antonio’s history is so colorful and multi-cultural, and a true example for the sort of multicultural cities that have developed in the decades since San Antonio was founded. Having risen above hardship after hardship, San Antonio’s a hub of economic activity where RFID can be easily applied to improve efficiencies, maximize security, and keep performance to the highest standard.

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