GAO RFID Serves Vancouver, BC

RFID for Vancouver

GAO RFID’s Canadian-based offices have been providing smart RFID solutions to Vancouver, British Columbia for years.

Vancouver is western Canada’s largest city, and also a hub of creativity and development. As one of Canada’s most multi-cultural cities, it’s a world-class city filled with sizeable Chinese and Indian populations. You’d find it difficult searching out a similar place on the west coast that comes close to Vancouver’s quality of life, comparable in Canada only to Toronto.

Similar to Toronto, Vancouver’s transportation infrastructure is also among Canada’s best. GAO RFID technologies can assist those in the transportation industry secure the safety of its workers and passengers, as well as improve efficiencies. In real-time, GAO products can deliver more data on safety and support more advanced risk management.

Another huge characteristic of Vancouver is how global it is. The region routinely hosts events, ranging from the 2010 Winter Olympics to TED Talks, who now call Vancouver it’s unofficial home. Over the years, Vancouver’s attracted some of the world’s most creative talents in film, TV, design, and more. Considering the facilities required to house all of this development, GAO’s RFID systems relating to building management systems are an easy match. Apply the latest in technology to ensure assets are protected and even the most complex facilities can be protected. Features like the ability to control entrance permissions using a tag-and-reader system, restricting access to sensitive zones in accordance with security tiers, and monitoring vehicles on your premises are routinely used to accomplish this.

Going beyond building management system, RFID technologies can also be used in managing the challenges that come with audience control. For big festivals, concerts, and global events, GAO’s event management system will work wonders at upholding attendance registration protocols and overseeing your audience. In a day and age where safety is so important, RFID systems provide the oversight you need to be able to declare even the largest of facilities completely safe for all visitors.

The Greater Vancouver area carries a population of more than 2.4 million people. Stoking opportunities for creativity and employment, the region is one of Canada’s most advanced. There is so much potential for GAO’s RFID systems in and around Vancouver.

Even in the ports and harbours of Vancouver, sophisticated systems of RFID tags and readers instantly transform asset management and streamline logistics. Using GAO’s Asset Tracking System as an example, you can oversee where imports and/or exports are in the supply chain. Clients have benefited in big ways, being able to manage shipments in real-time, accessing software information easily via any Internet browser, and being able to segment different products and departments according to your business needs.

From assisting Vancouver’s growing transportation network to asset management and being able to better manage facilities, events, and cargo coming or going from overseas, GAO’s systems continue to revolutionize the way business is done in The Big Smoke.


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