RFID Systems for General Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing and storage companies in Canada and the U.S. deal with clients that require brief import housing to long-term storage. Warehousing and storage companies accommodate for distribution, order-picking and receiving, pick and pack sorting, promotional packing, trans-loading and cross-docking. With a variety of daily functions, it is not surprising that warehousing and storage companies face numerous challenges to strategically and simultaneously manage the daily activities. Prominent challenges include:

  • Managing incoming and outgoing packages
  • Maintaining storage facilities
  • Tracking and shipping packages
  • Checking inventory of supplies for specific clients

GAO RFID Systems can aid to automate these tasks leaving your employees with the benefits of more productive days. Our RFID solutions can aid to optimize your organization’s daily functions minimizing time and effort spent on tasks that can be automated to ensure efficiency and reduce human error.

GAO RFID Solution: General Warehousing & Storage

General warehousing and storage companies are constantly under pressure to reduce product costs and delivery greater value goods to their clients and customers just-in-time, in the right sequence and with quality assurance. RFID systems significantly simplify the job by efficiently tracking parts, finished goods from the warehouse or storage to the customer. All the while, RFID solutions seamlessly interface with the inventory or warehouse management systems that are already in place.

Management of Inner Warehouse Equipment

With numerous supplies and clients with different needs, a warehousing and storage facility requires unique equipment to handle the different goods. The equipment requires both quality check and inventory checks that need to be updated daily, weekly or monthly. Our GAO RFID solutions help to error-proof industrial environments so that warehouse and storage organizations can protect, manage and get the right products to the right place in a timely manner by keeping the equipment up to quality check standards. Using RFID Tags, each piece of equipment is given a unique ID that is used to track its location and maintenance history. Automatic alerts are sent when maintenance is due to ensure there are no forgotten repair services. If managers need to know where the equipment is, or how many of certain equipment are currently deployed on the warehouse floor, all of this information can be gathered within minutes using RFID.

Inventory of Goods

Hand-in-hand with management of equipment, inventory checks are a mandatory part of the optimal functioning of warehousing and storage companies. Without the supply to meet the demand of production, warehousing companies could be in serious risk of backlog. In order to aid with the efficiency of these inventory processes, the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System offer ways to tag incoming and outgoing shipments to notify the internal network of any materials that are running low or need replacement. In addition, the tags make it easier to track and identify any items that are missing or misplaced. All of this information is easily generated from our web-based management software interface in seconds.

Management of Storage Time Logs and Storage Items

Specifically for storage facilities that are small-scale and that cater to clients with temporary storage needs, time logs and inventory checks are mandatory. In addition, the storage facility needs periodic checks to ensure that the client has, in fact, moves their personal belongings when mentioned. Time logs can be automated and systematically maintained by using GAO RFID solutions to ensure efficient and timely vacancy and occupancy of storage areas.

Integrating RFID Solutions with Existing Warehouse and Storage Systems

The function of RFID technology is to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data. It is essential that an RFID solution is compatible with your pre-existing system so that the data captured can be utilized by your existing management software.

To do this, the GAO RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions plus our hardware and system integration expertise, making it easy to integrate with all warehousing and storage systems that are currently used. Through our middleware and a proper API, the data collected by our RFID systems are seamlessly passed on to your organization’s system of integrated applications.

Please contact us for more information regarding our RFID System and how it can be tailored for your Warehouse and Storage facility.