RFID Systems for Museums

Across bothe Canada and the U.S., there are hundreds of museums with every city or town typically having their own to display important local history. In our most popular cities, there are museums for all kinds of activities and arts – some well-known and some not known as much. Museums see a number of visitors every year. It’s easy to forget that a museum is still a business with a need to achieve revenues in order to keep it going.

GAO RFID solutions for Museums will work to assist your museum in tackling the challenges that you face on a daily basis including but not limited to the following.

  • Enhancing your museum’s performance through high quality monitoring of the premises and employees
  • Complete a maintenance schedule to be adhered to at all times to ensure that your premises are kept in tip top shape
  • Secure your premises to ensure that any risk of vandalism or theft is squashed
  • Effectively manage assets and inventory with an advanced tagging system

There are a wide range of benefits to the deployment of radio frequency identification solutions such as those featured with GAO RFID Systems. We help to automate existing business processes allowing you the opportunity to manage your business more efficiently, get you a higher level of security, help manage the assets of your museum, and to improve upon scheduling.

GAO RFID System Solutions for Museums

Any museum is a valuable environment dependent upon maintaining security of the assets contained therein while ensuring the highest quality customer service experience possible. The process to accomplish these tasks can be accomplished with GAO RFID Systems for Museums at your side to oversee various elements of business.
Manage Assets and Inventory

With the sheer number of inventory on your property, it may be easy to forget about maintenance and sometimes a piece of inventory can even be misplaced or lost. Through tagging your inventory with RFID Tags, you can program the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System to notify you according to an automated maintenance schedule to ensure that all assets are being properly taken care of. One can also ensure that a piece of property is never lost. With RFID technology, you know precisely where an asset at any given time of the day.

Control Employee Access

Not all employees are authorized to access certain aspects of your museum and therefore employee access must be a priority. The solution is our RFID Access Control System. The system provides Employee RFID Badges that are a step above the traditional scan cards. Not requiring line-of-sight access and with a tag that can easily trigger security alarm systems if used incorrectly, you can ensure that employees will be appropriately granted and restricted access when necessary.

The Highest Degree in Security and Product Authentication

Every RFID tag contains a unique number that cannot be duplicated under any circumstances. This makes asset theft risk reduced to near none. Ours is a system that provides the highest quality security on the market. A tag is far more difficult to counterfeit than a barcode. With GAO RFID Systems, you can ensure you are putting your property in the hands of experts in security.

Secure your Premises

A museum receives a vast array of visits throughout the year. With the value of the assets on your property, it’s important to ensure these are protected at all times. Through the utilization of GAO RFID Asset Tracking System, safety and security can be attained at the utmost degree. Tagging individual items will result in notifications being sent and alarms being run in the event of theft or vandalism. The most adequate method to protect yourself against such activities is through these new technologies.

Integrating our RFID Solution with your Museum System

GAO RFID System for Museums can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs.

GAO’s RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions to perform RFID data collection and information processing at an unprecedented rate. Through seamless integration with a wide variety of emergency management systems, one can easily access the data that is collected via existing systems you may have in place.

Reduce your worries and see a reduction in costs as RFID tech through GAO allows you to carry out labor intensive tasks faster and more accurately. The increased information gathered via GAO’s RFID solutions puts you at an advantage as you will now have greater oversight than you’ve ever had before.

Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID System for Museums can be adapted to your organization.