RFID Systems for Nursing & Residential Care Facilities

In Canada and the U.S., Nursing homes play an important role for people who have limited functionality and require assistance with everyday tasks, for example bathing and dressing. Residents of nursing homes require medical care above and beyond regular home care. Nursing homes provide 24 hour care under the supervision of a nurse or medical professional and the medical monitoring and treatments are administered by registered nurses.

In this environment, RFID solutions can provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Emergency alert
  • Patient tracking
  • Medication dispersal
  • Tracking patient medication
  • Medication on demand devices can be accessed with RFID
  • Real time billing
  • Reducing excess medication ordering

    GAO RFID System Solutiongs: Nursing & Residential Care Facilities

    By using RFID technology, many of the challenges faced in the nursing and residential care industry can be alleviated or minimized. The GAO RFID solution for Nursing & Residential care facilities can be used to track patients, track medication inventory, and alert staff to possible emergency patient scenarios.

    Reducing Emergency Audible Alerts

    GAO RFID has many solutions applicable to Nursing & Residential Care Facilities. Infirm residents with limited mobility no longer have to rely on traditional methods when calling for assistance. Traditional pull cords usually release a loud audible alarm that disturbs other tenants who may be resting. Today’s nursing home residents can take advantage of RFID Wristband Tags. All a person needs to do in a potential health hazard situation is press a button to alert medical staff and nurses can be notified via messaging to a smartphone or desktop computer in such an emergency.

    Using our RFID Patient/Personnel Tracking System, average response times are much faster and possible fatalities may decrease altogether. RFID technology establishes peace of mind for residents and their families that any potential life threatening position will be handled expediently, a great selling point for new prospects.

    Scenario I

    When a nursing facility resident presses the lanyard tag’s button, a signal is transmitted to the GAO RFID Personnel Tracking Software via Wi-Fi access points installed throughout the facility. The personnel location software enables tracking of health care personnel and the patients they serve.

    Resident Tracking

    Nursing & Residential facilities have outpatient options available for residents. Using the GAO RFIDF Patient Tracking system, administration staff at these facilities can keep track of arrivals and departures of residents, as well as their real-time locations in cases where patient wandering is a concern.

    Medication Inventory

    Drug dispensing apparatuses at Nursing Care facilities available at common collection areas can be integrated with GAO RFID solutions. Input information can be wirelessly transmitted via each resident’s individual drug dose. Residents wearing RFID tags or wristbands can be scanned by an RFID Reader integrated with a drug dispensing apparatus.

    In addition, portable nursing centers that contain patient draws filled with medication can also be tagged. Your network can be set up so that pharmaceutical drugs can be automatically prescribed once a nurse enters specific areas of a residential care facility. An RFID bracelet can communicate with a portable nursing center recording data that causes the unit to unlock select patient drawers that would otherwise be locked. Individual patient information regarding medication dispensed can be uploaded to the central server of a nursing or residential care facility.

    Keep the Premises Safe

    Using the GAO RFID Access Control System, every door in the facility can be controlled–locked and inaccessible to some users, and open to others. Access levels can be programmed into the RFID Wristbands or Lanyards personnel and patients are already wearing, and administering their access levels can be remotely done via the web-based software. Every time a door is opened using RFID, our system keeps track of it and logs it in our database, allowing you full access to see who accessed what doors at what time–total visibility and security for your Nursing and Residential Care Facility.
    Save Time & Money

    GAO RFID solutions assist nursing & residential care facilities improve patient flow by using location tags to locate residents and keep track of medication. Decreasing medication dispensing wait times and alerting staff to emergency life threatening situations enhances resident safety. As well, the correct pharmaceutical drugs will always be dispensed to the correct patients at the right time. Care facilities typically resupply nursing stations on a schedule versus medication run low timetable. Benefit from bar codes being scanned that automatically update pharmaceutical drug inventory’s compared to traditional drug timetables that may result in your nursing home running low on medication.

    Integrating our solution with your healthcare system

    The GAO RFID System for Nursing & Residential Care Facilities can be integrated with your facilities local server or with our cloud based server. Get real-time access regarding the tracking of health care personnel and residents. Never worry about overstocking or under stocking pharmaceuticals again; with GAO RFID, you will be updated in real-time on how much medication you have on hand and how much you will need to order. Keep costs low, stock only what your facility needs.

    Contact us for more information on how our RFID solution for Nursing & Residential Care Facilities can be configured for your organization.