RFID Systems for Office Machinery & Equipment Rental Services

Across Canada and the U.S., Equipment Lenders and Lessors of office machinery and equipment put a lot of trust in each other.   Equipment and machinery lenders provide a variety of services for transportation, construction, health care, technology, light industrial, green energy and many other organizations. In addition to the different industries that they provide services for, they need to maintain schedules for the different long-term and short-term lessors. Hence, office machinery and equipment rental companies face numerous challenges in their daily functions to stay efficient such as:

Maintaining rental office equipment

  • Checking inventory of rental supplies
  • Managing time logs of rentals
  • Tracking office rental equipment

GAO RFID’s Systems can help your organization to automate these administrative tasks to help you ensure operations efficiency while ensuring the safety and security of all the equipment that your organization owns and leases out.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Office Machinery & Equipment Rental

GAO RFID believes that your organization wants to do its best to provide high quality services to lessors of office equipment and machinery. From the moment that an order is placed for lease to the time that it returns back into your hands, it is vital that each and every step is accountable, monitored and tracked for efficiency and optimal functioning of your organization. The GAO RFID Systems for the Office Machinery and Equipment Rental industry ensures that a wide range of challenges facing your organization are effectively manage.

Equipment Management

 For your organization’s equipment, it is absolutely critical for it to be functioning optimally at all times. If equipment is working, they can be rented out, and thus, creating revenue for the organization.

With technology fast changing, it is vital that your organization keep up with the technological changes that can affect the way that lessors operate. It is necessary for not just your organization’s growth and success, but also theirs. In order to maintain the equipment, it is important that the equipment’s maintenance schedule is tracked and monitored. GAO RFID’s Asset Tracking System can help to not only send out reminders for when maintenance is required, but also keeps a documented log of all maintenance performed so that all upkeep activity is clearly visible for future audits.

 Equipment Tracking

GAO RFID’s Asset Tracking System is a solution that can provide you with RFID Tags that are used to track the equipment from the moment it leaves your facility to the time that it is returned. With a real-time view of where equipment are, it helps your organization to eliminate theft and damage, ultimately keeping your business profitable. Since every piece of equipment is tracked, data recorded showing equipment movement from warehouse to retail space to client hands call all be viewed via customizable reports, giving managers a strong hold over the operations.

Personnel Tracking

On a basic level, the GAO RFID Personnel Tracking System can help your organization keep track of employee start and end times and automatically integrate the information with your existing payroll system to eliminate any payroll headache. On a higher level, when employees are deployed to client sites to deliver equipments, the employee locations and times spent can be tracked and logged to ensure their safety while in the field, and also, help provide insight on employee productivity.

Integrating GAO RFID Solutions with your Equipment Rental Management System

With the ability to provide your organization with IT wiping processes, GAO’s RFID solutions have benefits beyond just equipment management and traceability. As RFID collects information in real time, the identification of all objects and associated data is easier. However, the main challenge is to integrate RFID data into your organization’s applications so that at your end the information is easily accessible.

By incorporating middleware and essential RFID function, GAO RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine makes it easy to integrate with all systems that are currently being used in your organization. Through a proper API, GAO’s RFID solutions can be easily integrated into your existing software. We are, however, committed to demonstrating the results in such a way that empower you to make the best decision for your organization.

Please, do not hesitate to contact GAO RFID for more information on how our RFID solutions can be integrated with your organization’s pre-existing systems.