RFID Systems for Real Estate Property Management

In Canada and the U.S., Real estate property management covers the administration of residential, industrial and commercial properties. Property management involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity. The property manager takes the place of the owner. Maintaining the property and generating income are the primary duties fulfilled by management companies.

Real estate brokers also act as property managers. Property managers are responsible for collecting rent, maintaining a property and complying with the laws and regulations of the city the property resides in. Routine cleaning and preventative repairs would also fall under the umbrella of a real estate property management company.

For both property managers and real estate brokers, GAO RFID solutions for the Real Estate Property Management industry can alleviate the following obstacles in this industry:

  • Tracking personnel and inventory
  • Maintaining inventory of all machinery used in property maintenance
  • RFID readers can scan property items
  • Keeping track of documents
  • Contactless entry card or fob
  • Tracking routine inspections
  • Documentation management
  • Tracking furniture included in the lease or rental agreement
  • Electronic access control to certain floors or rooms i.e. sauna, workout room, bbq

The GAO RFID System Solution: Real Estate Property Management

GAO RFID Systems helps organizations monitor assets, inventory, confidential documentation, and maintenance; reports are easily accessed via our web-based management interface, giving property managers and real estate brokers real-time information on the property’s condition and well-being.

Keyless Entry

Residential keyless entry replaces the need for traditional keys. RFID Key Fobs are not duplicable, which ensures property managers that only authorized tenants are in possession of keys. In situations where an RFID Key Fob is in the wrong hands, the specific ID associated to the fob can be accessed and removed from the system so that access is no longer possible. Tenants can be charged a small deposit in the event they lose their fob. Keyless entry is the most secure form for having access to your residence, a fob or RFID card that goes missing can simply be encoded and reproduced with a different identification code. Fob keys prevent duplication by unsavory people who seek access to certain residences.

Time and Attendance Personnel

Employees that work on the grounds of a multi-unit residence such as the building manager, concierge, janitorial staff, security, landscaping, and maintenance crews can all be monitored with the RFID Personnel Tracking System.

  • Minimize payroll errors
  • Avoid payroll disputes
  • Record the entry and exit times for all employees
  • Enhanced security, personnel can only access pre-determined restricted areas
  • Staffs location can be determined
  • First responders can be notified depending on their location within the residence

Document Tracking

Confidential documents containing tenant background checks can be tagged and tracked for security. Tagging important documents prevents private documents from falling into the wrong hands. GAO RFID has many options for clients when it comes to tagging items. Tagging of documents is also a great way to reduce labour costs that is traditionally associated to countless hours searching for lost documents in dozens of file folders and cabinets.

Tracking Apartment Items

Furnished residential units are sometimes rented to executives or short term tenants, these units come complete with furniture, dishes, cutlery and other items. The tagging of these items prevents theft. Items missing from apartments after the tenant has departed can be charged to a tenant credit card or deducted from the security deposit.

The GAO RFID Real Estate Property Management Solution

GAO RFID has the Asset Tracking, Personnel Locating and Property Management software for your management needs. In addition to our numerous software options we have a plethora of RFID, Tags, Readers and Antennae that can be integrated into your building.

Contact us for more information on how a GAO RFID System can be configured to suit your building’s needs.