RFID Systems for Passenger Railway Operations

The International Union of Railways has indicated an overall growth rate of 3.4 percent (measured in tonne kilometres) for the global freight sector. In 2010 there was a 3.5 percent increase in passenger kilometres worldwide. The U.S. and Canada increased by 4 percent this represented 25 percent of total tonnage transported. China represents 70 percent of the total tonnage in Asia and Europe showed an increase of 7 percent for the freight sector industry. Tracking passenger and cargo operations benefit from real-time tracking technology that can be integrated within the I.T. railway sector to improve operations visibility.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is worth its weight in gold when it concerns the enhancement of railway operations. RFID tags have been used in the railway industry for many years. RFID Readers are be placed in close proximity to terminals in and read RFID Tags affixed to trains as they pass by.

Cargo status inventory such as shipping information, health status, current track info and final destinations can rapidly change. Tag information is static and does not change. RFID technology benefits railway operations when it comes to real-time monitoring, sorting of cargo inventory and the transportation and logistics of railway operations.

GAO RFID solutions for the Railway Operations industry can alleviate common issues faced by railway management, including the following:

  • Ensure that cargo is secure and has not been tampered with
  • Departure delays
  • Arrival delays
  • On time running performance (OTR)
  • Provide real time info to railway management
  • Reducing the length and number of empty trains

     GAO RFID System Solutions: Passenger Railway Operations

    GAO RFID Systems provides automated tracking of railcars using our RFID tags. Our hardware and software can assist in the identification and location of railroad assets, and help in the automation of many of its management processes.

  • Train location technologyGet accurate and reliable information about where cargo or passenger trains are located. Real-time tracking using the RFID Asset Tracking System can be integrated with the railway I.T. infrastructure; this information can be updated on passenger information displays at stations and terminals, helping to keep passengers in-the-know.

    Positioning of trains 

    RFID Readers can be placed at specific positions so that when a train passes over an ID tag its position is instantly relayed to railway integrated systems. GAO RFID experts can integrate our hardware and software systems to meet the specific application requirements of your Railway Operations, and provide increased efficiency for:

    • Equipment inventory
    • Inventory and maintenance
    • Information management for rail yard operations
    • Safety audits
    • Track inspection systems


Operation and maintenance

Linking the data in wagons can be integrated with track inspection systems, precisely matching the actual wagon with the log information specific to the wagon. This allows operators and maintenance departments to have a clear understanding of the wagon’s health and ensure timely maintenance when required.

Wagon tracking

The following data can be tracked: the wagon ID, date, time and the location can all be captured using RFID tags. Installing Portal Readers at each entrance and exit is the best way of utilizing readers. The speed, location and direction of a passenger car or cargo train that has RFID tagging can be relayed to the railway database, this information will decrease delay times for cargo being transported and/or passengers leaving for destinations on time.

Integrating the GAO RFID Railway Operations system

Consult GAO RFID for information on ID tags that can be installed on individual railcars. Handheld and heavy duty readers can be employed to communicate real-time wagon data to the railway application I.T. management system.

Contact us to find out how our RFID System can be tailored for your Passenger Railway operation.