RFID Systems for Taxi Services

Taxis are an important part of a city’s transportation infrastructure in Canada or the U.S. Public buses and trains do not travel to every destination point within a city’s limit, and most do not operate 24/7. Taxis are sometimes the only viable option for people who do not have access to a car to travel from point A to B.

Applying RFID technology to taxis in the transportation sector enhances the security and safety of its passengers. Patrons who pay using an RFID-enabled payment card don’t need to be concerned with being tricked by unscrupulous cab drivers.

GAO RFID is the perfect solution for taxi services.

Processing payment with a RFID card

  • Hands free revenue collection and automatic billing
  • Increased business fleet visibility
  • Enhanced dispatch capabilities
  • Revenue management
  • Monitoring business fleet numbers
  • Preventing taxi cab fraudulently mischarging customers

Our RFID solutions can automate payment options and the transportation and logistics of running a taxi service company.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Taxi Services 

The merchant market for RFID-enabled payment options for taxi services is currently underpenetrated. Restaurants and cappuccino shops have already benefited immensely from this method of payment.

RFID Pay Card Option

Terminal process payments can be made with RFID cards that have a prepaid amount uploaded on to it via a taxi company’s website or mobile app. Passengers can pay a cab fare by tapping an RFID enabled card or fob key to a terminal in the backseat of a taxi. Additional options can include the option for passengers to add a gratuity for their final taxi bill. The taxi driver can use the RFID credit or debit payment terminal for routing and navigational information. Statistics confirm that passengers that pay taxi fares with contactless cards cut an estimated 45 seconds off transaction times compared to paying with cash. Passengers never have to worry about handing over credit cards or debit cards to the cab driver and accidentally leaving them behind. Taxi drivers can also print paper receipts for passengers automatically while they sit in the driver’s seat.

Tracking a Driver’s Schedule

The GAO RFID Personnel Tracking System can be utilized by drivers to log the start and end times for all shifts. Readers can be portable or fixed devices installed in taxi cabs, drivers can swipe an RFID or fob key before their shifts commences.

  • Decrease costly payroll errors
  • Preventing payroll falsification of work time hours
  • Accurate recording of drivers hours and days worked

Tracking a driver’s schedule goes beyond start and end times. Reducing fuel costs for a taxi’s fleet is an optimum way of enabling RFID technology for cab companies. Tracking the accumulated hours of your driving staff and maximum hours each driver can work are all benefits served by track and trace technology. Drivers that speed frequently can be reprimanded with appropriate action or penalties enforced. Reduce the chance of legal action against your cab company by employing safeguards on your driving staff before they go out on the road.

Fleet Management

With RFID Vehicle Tags, each taxi in your fleet can be assigned a unique RFID number and all of its information can be stored in the GAO RFID Asset Tracking database. Through our system, you can instantly locate vehicles in your fleet and identify whether or not they require maintenance. This protects your company’s most important assets from theft and unnecessary mechanical failure.

Integrating our solution with your Taxi Company

GAO RFID provides the hardware and software your company needs to successfully deploy an RFID System for taxi services. Our products can be purchased as a standalone solution or integrated with other software system.

Contact us for more information on how our RFID System for Taxi Services can benefit your organization.