RFID Systems for Poultry and Egg Production

In the Poultry and Egg Production industry, there are a number of factors going into production that are of a premiere importance. Breeding, performance testing, screening, mating, collection of mated eggs, fertilization rate, incubation rate, feeding amount before laying period, and body weight all need to be tracked.

GAO RFID solutions for Poultry and Egg Production can assist poultry and egg farmers in confronting the many challenges that they face every day:

  • Ensuring that the existing feeding program is one that optimizes egg production at all times
  • Ensuring poor performing hens are identified and removed from the population
  • Monitoring conditions such as light, water, and density to keep the environment conducive to production
  • Organizing farm data collection more quickly and more effectively than ever before
  • Monitoring the overall management of your farming environment to ensure that equipment is properly maintained, weather changes are accounted for, and that production remains on target

Our RFID solutions assist in automating farming processes to ensure the efficient operation of your farm through the improvement of production management, guarding against disease, and monitoring existing environmental conditions.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Poultry and Egg Production

Every stage of the farming process is of utmost importance in ensuring that you get the best possible yield in egg and poultry production. The GAO RFID Systems for Poultry and Egg Production ensure that your assets are adequately managed for optimum efficiency.

Identifying Hens

There is an ongoing need for farmers to be able to identify both high and poor performing hens so that they can focused on for egg production. Our RFID Asset Tracking System enables you to RFID Animal Tags and monitor each hen to see performance and decides which should stay for a second laying period, and which must be removed from the population.

Management of Environmental Conditions

Many commercial farmers have come under fire in the past for poor environmental conditions used in poultry farming and egg production. It is of utmost important the conditions such as exposure to light, heat, and water are considered. The GAO RFID Asset Management System will assist in monitoring these conditions  with Temperature Sensitive RFID Tags.

Efficient Collection of Farm Data

With the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System, the collection of important farm data has never been easier. This technology improves automation and logistics as well as can assist in reducing long-term labor costs. Through this improved system of collection, one will be able to focus on other aspects of livestock management instead of having to give attention to less important aspects of documentation.

Optimum Farm Management

here are varied aspects of farm management that benefit directly from the employment of the GAO RFID Access Control System. It is important to protect the poultry and egg production premises; providing RFID Badges to your employees and visitors ensures only verified users can access the different doors and zones of your facility.

Integrating our Solution with your Agriculture System

The GAO RFID System can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs.

At the core of our solution is GAO RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine which incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions that perform RFID data collection and information processing. Our AUTO-ID Engine seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of emergency management systems so that you can access the data it collects directly via the system or systems you currently have in place.

Our team of professionals will use our hardware and system integration expertise to integrate the GAO RFID Solution with your IT architecture. The result is an RFID solution that is seamlessly unified with your agriculture management system.

Contact us for more information on how our GAO RFID Poultry and Egg Production Services System can be adapted to fit your farm’s needs.