"Always-On" People Tracking

Track up to 300 feet, detect from multi-levels, and anti-collision reading: Get ready for an enhanced personnel tracking experience.

Track and Monitor Your Personnel


The GAO RFID Active Personnel Tracking System is our enhanced people monitoring solution that offers organizations long range, real-time, indoor or outdoor locationing abilities. Using Active 2.45 GHz or 433 MHz RFID technologies, the Active Personnel Tracking System is “always on”—providing you with the most up-to-date information on employee/visitor/contractor movement and location. Do you have a multi -floor office and require tracking your personnel precisely to the floor they’re on and the zone they’re in? The Active Personnel Tracking System is designed to address this need.

The Active Advantage:

  • Automatic zone-based tracking
  • 24/7 monitoring and alert system
  • Reader zone based visibility
  • Anti-collision reading

Key System Advantages

icon-product-long-range-readers1-150x150Long Range Tracking


360 Degree Detection


Anti-Collision Reading


Zone-based Visibility

Track Personnel From Our Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Web Application

Easily upload and setup detailed floor plans and mark your capture points.

Quickly create personnel profiles and assign identification tags.

See the real-time view of any floor in your building.

Lookup when an employee left and re-entered a room or floor.

Web-based user interface dashboard

Browser based access on, tablets, and smartphones

Configurable and customizable

Includes report scheduling and automatic email alerts

How Does Active RFID Personnel Tracking Work?


The GAO RFID Active Personnel Tracking System is powered by three main components:

  1. Web Application
  2. Active RFID Readers & Antennas
  3. Wearable Active RFID Identification Tags

By using the GAO RFID Active Personnel Tracking System, the movement of every employee can be tracked in real-time, and the data is recorded on the server. Our web application enables your managers to enter into a real-time map view of any floor in the building and access a wide range of reports from any device with an Internet browser.

Step 1: Map Your Floor Plan

The first step to using the system is to understand your building’s floorplan. By knowing which rooms, hallways, and floors require monitoring, we strategically design a layout of Active RFID Readers and Antennas that become your capture points.

Step 2: Assign ID Tags

Active RFID Identification Tags are then provided to your personnel and visitors. As they carry these identification cards with them, location information is continuously transmitted from the tag to the capture points.

Step 3: Track People Location

Whichever capture point the identification tag is sending information to indicates the current location of the employee. Your managers use our web app to see a real-time map view of any floor and access a wide range of reports.

Our Customers in These Industries Use It to Track Their Personnel


Professional Services Offices

From startups to accounting firms, professional services offices are using our Active Personnel Tracking System to keep their employees safe and productive.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Whether it's machine tooling, chemical processing, or aircraft production, our Active Personnel Tracking System keeps employees accounted for.

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Retail Stores

Big box stores, chain stores, supermarkets, and boutiques all benefit from our Active Personnel Tracking System to know where their employees are located.

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Our system provides answers to real questions you ask every day about your staff to help improve the ROI of your business.

"Is Susan in today?"

The system is equipped with a Time & Attendance feature that automatically logs Susan’s first entrance into the office as her sign-in time. With our web application, you can easily login and retrieve a report on her sign in time and location.

"How long did Franco stay in the lunch room?"

With the GAO RFID Active Personnel Tracking System, zones are created using your floor plan and customized to focus on the areas that matter most to your business. With the lunch room designed as a capture point zone, you can monitor exactly how long Franco stayed in the lunch room—today and in the past four weeks.

"Is everyone accounted for at this muster point?"

The system allows you to set up certain capture points as muster points for your facility (such as a fire assembly point) to be used during times of emergency. Every second counts, and the GAO RFID Active Personnel Tracking System conducts a roll call in seconds and provides information on the employees and visitors that are present and missing immediately on any device equipped with our web application.

"How many workers are currently at that workstation?"

A capture point created for each important workstation or area in your operations allows the system to continuously monitor which personnel are present and for how long. This information lets you measure employee productivity and gives you better insight into the efficiency of your workflow.

"Did Jim leave early yesterday?"

Just like monitoring and recording sign-in activity, the system also tracks when Jim leaves the building at the end of the night. This keeps your attendance transparent and provides additional information if your business ever runs into security issues.

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