GAO Access Control System

RFID Access Control Systems

The GAO RFID Access Control System is a modern solution that grants authorized users who carry a valid badge access to areas and equipment. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. GAO Access Control Software
  2. GAO RFID Badges/Tags
  3. GAO RFID Readers

These three components work together to provide access to your users, and is highly customizable to fit the requirements of every business environment. Through three simple steps, the GAO Access Control System ensures access is only granted to users who are authorized to receive it. Here’s how:

GAO RFID Badges/Tags are given to all of your users.

GAO RFID Readers are installed at strategic points within your environment or on specific machines so that they can “read” the signals being broadcasted by the GAO RFID Tags worn by your users.

Each GAO RFID Tag assigned to your users transmits data. This information is then imported into the GAO Access Control Software. Through an easy-to-use interface, you can configure access permissions and retrieve access data from a PC, remotely on your web browser, or even on a mobile device.

The Bottom Line:

The GAO Access Control System lets you:

  • Grant automated access to your users
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas
  • Ensure qualified operation of specialized machinery
  • Ensure access to facilities to paid users only
  • Track and log access data