RFID Antennas

Our range of Reader or Transponder Antennas is designed to be paired with our selection of RFID readers so that RFID tags can be accurately interrogated. The Antennas for RFID readers are engineered for specific frequencies including Active 2.45GHz, Active UHF 433 MHz, Passive UHF 860-960 MHz, Passive High Frequency 13.56 MHz, and Passive Low Frequency 134.2 KHz.

Based on each Antenna’s unique strengths, an RFID system is designed using different antennas and frequencies that match the environment. Which RFID antenna to choose for which RFID reader also depends on the read range, which is the distance between each RFID reader and the RFID tags that will be read. We have antennas in all kinds of shape and form such as Regular Panel, Linear Panel, ASA Panel, Single Port, High Performance Desktop Planar,  Indoor, Outdoor Directional, LHCP or RHCP Polarization, Airstrip, Runway, Sector, Circular Polarized, Yagi, HF Metallic-Shield, Intelligent Test-tube Rack, Circular Polarised Patch, Whip.

All of this combined creates your environment’s read rate success while complying with applicable international standards such as ISO and EPCGlobal Gen 2.

Below is a brief description of various forms of antennas.

Regular Panel Antenna

The panel antenna is the simplest type of antenna. It consists of a dipole placed in front of a flat-panel reflector. It is a lightweight piece of equipment that has the ability to provide high gain. It is designed for intelligent management systems.

Linear Panel Antenna

This is a well-designed lightweight panel antenna. It is easy to install and operate. This gauge features a wide range of applications, such as intelligent parking lot management, product anti-fake detection and entrance guard intelligent management.

ASA Panel Antenna

The ASA fixed reader antenna panel is capable of long distance identification. At the same time, the device has a large reader volume, which makes it ideal for cattle walk through installation. It is also suitable for agriculture applications and food industry automation.

Single Port Antenna

This antenna is designed for use with medium to high power readers. It can meet the demands for long distance identification, such as those required by industrial auto control systems and production tracing. This antenna offers a long reading distance of up to 45 cm when dual antennas are used.

High Performance Desktop Planar Antenna

This desktop planar antenna is designed to strengthen the signal power, increase the wireless range and reduce dead spots.

Indoor Directional Antenna

This antenna is designed to strengthen signal power, increase wireless range, reduce dead spots and provide reliability at high data rates. The antenna uses an RP-SMA male connector which guarantees compatibility with most wireless equipment. Furthermore, the antenna does not need configuration or to have software installed for it to work.

Outdoor Directional Antenna

The outdoor directional antenna is designed to strengthen signal power and increase wireless range. However, it uses a N-Type female connector to guarantee compatibility with wireless equipment. It also does not require configuration or the installation of software to work.

LHCP/RHCP Polarization Antenna

This high performance antenna provides a long read range of up to 5 meters. It is an optimal choice when space limitation is a concern. It is well suited for applications, such as inventory control, asset tracking, access control, parking lot management and file management. Flexibility is provided by the customizable frequency and the cable length.

Airstrip Antenna

This UHF RFID airstrip antenna has strong anti-jamming capability. This makes it ideal for use in highway toll management, automatic identification of vehicle charge system and traffic.

Runway Antenna

This antenna features fast reading and writing speed, high data security, ease of use and long reading and writing distance. One of the key features of this piece of equipment is that it can be applied to outdoor work in all-weather condition.

Sector Antenna

This antenna has an elegant appearance and is ideal for use in airport baggage identification and entrance guard channel management. It is easy to install and also convenient to use.

Circular Polarized Antenna

The circularly polarized antenna supports a stable delivery of UHF energy in a radial symmetrical pattern. This gives it the ability to read RFID tags regardless of its orientation.

Yagi Antenna

This antenna features fast reading and writing speed, as well as the ability to read and write over long distances. This makes it suitable for road monitoring and intelligent management. This antenna is easy to use, reliable and highly secure.

HF Metallic-Shield Antenna

This high-frequency RFID antenna utilizes metal resistant design that provides reliable reading to small RFID tags without any interference when placed on metal surfaces. It can be used in industrial automatic control, production tracking and library self-service machines.

Circular Polarized Patch Antenna

This active RFID circularly polarized patch antenna is ideal for reading tag signals in high density and random orientation scenarios. It is supplied with a mounting kit and a 5m BNC cable finished with a BNC male connector

Whip Antenna

The whip antenna has been designed for optimal RF receiving performance. This antenna attaches to the reader via a BNC male connector. This antenna has an omni-directional reception pattern around the vertical axis. It also has null points at the extreme ends of the stub. The antenna is housed in a rugged waterproof rubber mold that is UV resistant and can be used outdoors.

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