GAO BLE, RFID & IoT Engine 4.0

Introducing the GAO BLE, RFID & IoT Engine 4.0

We named the new RFID system 4.0 as GAO BLE, RFID & IoT Engine. The new system is a consolidated system, a single system to provide all the solutions of RFID, including BLE technologies. The goal is to provide an extendable solution that can easily meet new business requirements and technology changes, and system expansion vertically and  horizontally. Basically, this will give us ability to compete in the market with time efficiency, lower cost and better quality. There are about 30 solutions (more or less) in the version 3, almost every new project to make a copy of the old code and make change on top of it.

You can open this informative PDF document below to learn more about our engine software.